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"put" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

put czasownik

put + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 634
put pressure • put pen • put limits • put money • put words • put things • put food • put emphasis • put distance • put stress • put stuff • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 100
2. put pen = położone pióro put pen
3. put limits = przedstawione limity put limits
7. put words = napisane słowa put words
8. put food = położone jedzenie put food
10. put stress = przedstawiony stres put stress
11. put stuff = położone coś put stuff
13. put runners = wysłani biegacze put runners
14. put pictures = położone obrazy put pictures
  • I'm sure I don't know what they did put her picture in for.
  • "How easy would it be for you to put someone else's picture in here?"
  • We are going to put his picture on a T-shirt.
  • She plans to put pictures of her on the children's bedroom wall.
  • Therefore we can put pictures into the field lines (third picture).
  • Recently, he put pictures of his father away in cabinets.
  • "You won't be able to put my picture in the media guide."
  • He said the senate will consider a proposal to put pictures of all students into the computer.
  • When will you again try to put pictures in my mind?
  • "You put pictures over them, and it doesn't matter how big the holes are."
17. put women = wysłane kobiety put women
18. put proposals = propozycje wystąpiono put proposals
19. put water = położona woda put water
20. put stock = położony towar put stock
22. put one's arm = kłaść czyjś ramię put one's arm
25. put one's head = kłaść czyjś głowa put one's head
32. put one's mind = kłaść czyjś umysł put one's mind
34. put one's faith = pokładaj wiarę put one's faith
36. put up m = przyjmij m put up m
39. put one's thoughts = kłaść czyjś myśli put one's thoughts
40. put one's stamp = kłaść czyjś znaczek put one's stamp
41. put one's body = kłaść czyjś ciało put one's body
42. put one's trust = kłaść czyjś zaufanie put one's trust
43. put one's clothes = kłaść czyjś ubranie put one's clothes
46. put one's hat = kłaść czyjś kapelusz put one's hat
47. put one's ear = kłaść czyjś ucho put one's ear
49. put one's cup = kłaść czyjś filiżanka put one's cup
51. put one's family = kłaść czyjś rodzina put one's family
52. put up one's feet = przyjmować czyjś stopy put up one's feet
53. put one's eye = kłaść czyjś oko put one's eye
54. put one's mark = stawiać czyjś znak put one's mark
55. put one's cards = kłaść czyjś karty put one's cards
56. put one's mouth = kłaść czyjś usta put one's mouth
57. put one's work = kłaść czyjś praca put one's work
58. put one's nose = kłaść czyjś nos put one's nose
59. put one's career = kłaść czyjś kariera put one's career
60. put one's eggs = kłaść czyjś jajka put one's eggs
61. put down one's glass = kłaść czyjś szkło put down one's glass
62. put one's differences = kłaść czyjś różnice put one's differences
64. put one's forces = kłaść czyjś siły put one's forces
65. put down one's cup = kłaść czyjś filiżanka put down one's cup
66. put power = przedstawiona moc put power
67. put one's kids = kłaść czyjś dzieci put one's kids
68. put restrictions = przedstawione ograniczenia put restrictions
69. put information = przedstawione informacje put information
70. put one's boots = kłaść czyjś buty put one's boots
71. put one's shoes = kłaść czyjś buty put one's shoes
72. put troops = położone wojsko put troops
73. put on one's clothes = kłaść czyjś ubranie put on one's clothes
74. put time = położony czas put time
75. put several officers = włóż kilku funkcjonariuszy put several officers
76. put one's lips = kłaść czyjś wargi put one's lips
78. put one's thumb = kłaść czyjś kciuk put one's thumb
79. put part = położona część put part
80. put one's legs = kłaść czyjś nogi put one's legs
81. put rights = napisane prawa put rights
82. put flowers = położone kwiaty put flowers
83. put one's sword = kłaść czyjś miecz put one's sword
84. put one's coat = kłaść czyjś płaszcz put one's coat
85. put one's feelings = kłaść czyjś uczucia put one's feelings
86. put a side = połóż stronę put a side
87. put one's skills = kłaść czyjś umiejętności put one's skills
88. put one's fist = kłaść czyjś pięść put one's fist
89. put one's son = kłaść czyjś syn put one's son
90. put several shots = pchnij kilkoma strzałami put several shots
91. put one's elbows = kłaść czyjś łokcie put one's elbows
92. put event = położone wydarzenie put event
93. put music = włożona muzyka put music
94. put a damper = połóż szyber put a damper
95. put out one's arms = wystawiać czyjś ramiona put out one's arms
96. put one's business = kłaść czyjś biznes put one's business
97. put patients = wysłani pacjenci put patients
98. put down roots = zapuszczać korzenie (zaczynać czuć się jak w domu) put down roots
99. put on one's coat = kłaść czyjś płaszcz put on one's coat
100. put one's strength = kłaść czyjś siła put one's strength
kolokacje pogrupowane znaczeniowo
Grup znaczeniowych: 111
czasownik + put
Kolokacji: 94
begin putting • start putting • help put • try putting • keep putting • avoid putting • consider putting • try to put • plan to put • ...
put + przyimek
Kolokacji: 121
put down • put up • put out • put off • put back • ...
put + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 124
put together • put forward • put aside • put forth • simply put • put away • immediately put • actually put • quickly put • finally put • ...

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