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"project" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

project rzeczownik

rzeczownik + project
Kolokacji: 376
research project • housing project • construction project • development project • pilot project • solo project • Manhattan Project • ...
project + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 96
project manager • Project Gutenberg • project director • project management • project leader • project team • project cost • ...
project + czasownik
Kolokacji: 199
project includes • project involves • project aims • project requires • project begins • project fails • project costs • project provides • ...
czasownik + project
Kolokacji: 167
project undertaken • project sponsored • project aimed • initiate projects • pursue projects • project called • support projects • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 77
3. project aimed = projekt dążył project aimed
9. reject project = projekt wybrakowany reject project
13. promote projects = propaguj projekty promote projects
16. project known = projekt znany project known
18. project titled = projekt zatytułował project titled
19. collaborate on projects = współpracuj w projektach collaborate on projects
20. provide for projects = dostarcz projektom provide for projects
21. project entitled = projekt zatytułował project entitled
32. project is delayed = projekt jest odłożony project is delayed
35. project is expected = projekt jest oczekiwany project is expected
37. invest in projects = zainwestuj w projekty invest in projects
40. focus on projects = nacisk na projekty focus on projects
41. take on projects = przyjmij projekty take on projects
43. oppose the project = sprzeciw się projektowi oppose the project
44. project related = projekt dotyczył project related
45. spend on projects = wydaj na projekty spend on projects
47. join the project = dołącz do projektu join the project
49. project is based = projekt jest oparty project is based
55. use for projects = wykorzystanie do projektów use for projects
58. project is put = projekt jest przedstawiony project is put
60. handle projects = zajmij się projektami handle projects
61. leave the project = zostaw projekt leave the project
62. project is considered = projekt jest uznawany project is considered
65. see the project = zobacz projekt see the project
66. project is presented = projekt zostanie zaprezentowany project is presented
68. live in a housing project = żyj w dzielnicy mieszkaniowej live in a housing project
69. choose projects = wybierz projekty choose projects
70. stop the project = zatrzymaj projekt stop the project
71. project is revived = projekt jest wskrzeszony project is revived
72. record projects = projekty płytowe record projects
73. engage in projects = zajmij się projektami engage in projects
74. find projects = znajdź projekty find projects
75. allocate to projects = przydziel projektom allocate to projects
76. write projects = napisz projekty write projects
  • He wrote several studies and projects on the theme of the city of Athens.
  • During the next few years he continued to write and direct other projects while he tried to get "Affliction" financed.
  • These are taken very seriously by the community relations police, with children being required to write projects and do homework.
  • The couple are now working together on several film and writing projects and renovating their downtown loft.
  • Interns may be asked to do a variety of things, including day-to-day office work such as answering phones, writing letters, research and other projects.
  • The nature of the work varies according to the needs of the court, but normally includes one or more legal research and writing projects.
  • He has also been writing and producing projects for his company and plans on directing in the future.
  • What she does between writing projects: Usually I just sit there.
  • The website uses crowd funding to raise money for writing projects.
  • Carl is also a professional writer working on a number of writing projects and developing scripts with new writers.
77. devote to projects = poświęć projektom devote to projects
przymiotnik + project
Kolokacji: 377
special project • ambitious project • joint project • collaborative project • specific project • future project • ongoing project • ...
przyimek + project
Kolokacji: 25
on projects • including projects • through projects • among projects • with projects • ...

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