"woman" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

woman rzeczownik

rzeczownik + woman
Kolokacji: 106
peasant woman • career woman • village woman • cleaning woman • class woman • woman of one's time • Yoga Will Woman • ...
woman + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 103
women writer • women artist • Women Voter • woman friend • women member • women worker • women student • woman president • ...
woman + czasownik
Kolokacji: 831
woman wears • woman sits • woman tends • woman screams • woman experiences • woman complains • woman seeks • ...
czasownik + woman
Kolokacji: 332
woman named • woman dressed • exclude women • educate women • treat women • affect women • woman seated • recruit women • ...
przymiotnik + woman
Kolokacji: 973
young woman • old woman • pregnant woman • beautiful woman • black woman • elderly woman • white woman • married woman • ...
przyimek + woman
Kolokacji: 47
among women • against women • towards women • toward women • for women • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 33
2. before the woman = przed kobietą before the woman
3. regarding women = w związku z kobietami regarding women
4. concerning women = dotycząc kobiet concerning women
5. beside the woman = przy kobiecie beside the woman
6. alongside women = wraz z kobietami alongside women
  • This was a little more than a month since the white woman had died right in front of my eyes.
  • He had not personally made a kill since the last woman he'd taken as the Black Bird, several months ago.
  • Its a week since the woman, a student at Somerville College in Oxford, was raped.
  • Since the poor old woman told us that the French were on the sea and landed at Killala.
  • Cesca told him where he would find Speaker Okiah, since the old woman needed to hear the news before gossip and horrific rumors reached her.
  • Seeing him made Sharina feel calmer than she had since the woman ran into the palace screaming that something had happened to her boy.
  • Especially since the woman added her demands as well.
  • However, the case was dismissed since the woman reporting it did not consider herself personally insulted.
  • A classic gambit since the first woman in the garden, but still unanswerable.
  • Killa found the medic's fidgets amusing since the woman had always seemed so self confident.
8. together with women = razem z kobietami together with women
10. until a woman = do kobiety until a woman
11. excluding women = wykluczając kobiety excluding women
12. while women = podczas gdy kobiety while women
13. under women = pod kobietami under women
14. following a woman = jadąc za kobietą following a woman

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