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temporarily przysłówek

czasownik + temporarily
Kolokacji: 240
temporarily suspended • temporarily closed • temporarily replaced • temporarily halt • temporarily lose • temporarily stop • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 35
13. temporarily housed = chwilowo zapewnić mieszkanie temporarily housed
15. live temporarily = żyj chwilowo live temporarily
18. temporarily blinded = chwilowo spowodować utratę wzroku temporarily blinded
19. temporarily treat = chwilowo potraktuj temporarily treat
24. temporarily put = chwilowo połóż temporarily put
  • The expansion was temporarily put on hold due to the global recession.
  • At the time, he wasn't able to get the financial support he needed, and temporarily put the effort on hold.
  • The war temporarily put an end to the project until February 1945.
  • So, early last year he temporarily put aside his job as an insurance salesman.
  • The children were put temporarily into the care of the local authority.
  • In 1971 September two members of the group got married and they temporarily put a halt to their activities.
  • The transfer had earlier been temporarily put on hold, after alleged heart problems were found.
  • It's been suggested that he was temporarily put under house arrest.
  • Any hopes of an artistic career were temporarily put on ice.
  • The shock that had temporarily put me out of action was wearing off.
25. work temporarily = pracuj chwilowo work temporarily
33. temporarily retire = chwilowo przejdź na emeryturę temporarily retire
temporarily + przymiotnik
Kolokacji: 14
temporarily insane • temporarily unable • temporarily blind • temporarily unavailable • temporarily absent • ...

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