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wear czasownik

wear + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 397
wear uniforms • wear clothes • wear shoes • wear clothing • wear gloves • wear glasses • wear pants • wear jeans • wear boots • ...
czasownik + wear
Kolokacji: 59
start wearing • begin wearing • seen wearing • stop wearing • appear wearing • refuse to wear • forced to wear • choose to wear • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 22
3. forced to wear = zmuszony do noszenia forced to wear
4. begin to wear = zacznij nosić begin to wear
5. go to wear = idź do nosić go to wear
6. get to wear = namówiony by nosić get to wear
7. arrive wearing = przybywać nosząc arrive wearing
8. come wearing = przychodzić nosząc come wearing
9. sit wearing = siadać nosząc sit wearing
  • Jennings thought something about them looked very old, as if a small ancient woman was sitting there wearing a little girl's skin.
  • Man, I can't believe you're sitting there wearing that thing.
  • Brognola sat in the war room wearing a heavy bathrobe.
  • Parents with small children sat next to elderly people wearing buttons opposed to the district merger.
  • He was sitting there wearing a brown and white checked shirt with the sleeves rolled up.
  • He appeared on television sitting in the White House wearing a heavy wool sweater.
  • He is sitting in the stairs wearing a green suit.
  • A few weeks after my return, I sat next to a woman wearing it, and complimented her.
  • About 30 teachers sat together wearing black, as if in mourning.
  • I was sitting there wearing a long black overcoat.
10. return wearing = zwróć noszenie return wearing
11. enter wearing = wejdź do noszenia enter wearing
12. go wearing = pójdź nosić go wearing
13. walk wearing = chodź po noszeniu walk wearing
14. perform wearing = wykonaj noszenie perform wearing
15. persuade to wear = przekonaj by nosić persuade to wear
(9) mind, tend, plan
Kolokacji: 3
wear + przyimek
Kolokacji: 53
wear out • wear off • wear down • wear beneath • wear by • ...
wear + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 64
wear thin • wear black • wear white • wear away • wear red • ...

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