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prison rzeczownik

rzeczownik + prison
Kolokacji: 38
state prison • security prison • Fleet Prison • Maze prison • U.S. prison • ...
prison + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 142
prison sentence • prison term • prison camp • prison cell • prison guard • prison system • prison official • prison population • ...
prison + czasownik
Kolokacji: 11
Prison hampers • prison holds • prison opens • prison awaiting • prison houses • ...
czasownik + prison
Kolokacji: 46
leave prison • sentence in prison • escape prison • release from prison • sentence to prison • free from prison • escape from prison • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 21
(1) leave, escape, run, risk
Kolokacji: 5
(2) sentence, convict, imprison
Kolokacji: 4
3. send to prison = wysyłać do więzienia send to prison
4. go to prison = pojść do więzienia go to prison
5. die in prison = umrzyj w więzieniu die in prison
7. put in prison = osadzać w więzieniu put in prison
8. throw into prison = rzut do więzienia throw into prison
9. commit to prison = osadzać w więzieniu commit to prison
  • Having been found guilty, they were committed to prison.
  • The judge found the allegations proved and committed him to prison for six months.
  • If he fails to attend a second time the judge has power to commit him to prison for contempt of court.
  • Cloud serves as the intake facility for men committed to prison in Minnesota.
  • He defended the right of the council in special circumstances to commit people to prison without showing cause, and to issue general warrants.
  • I agree that, on the basis of the new evidence, the judge's order committing these two defendants to prison should be set aside.
  • I commit you, therefore, to prison to await the issue of such a warrant.
  • It was, therefore, perfectly clear that somebody would be committed to prison this very day.
  • The plaintiff was arrested in the courtroom, committed to prison and then executed.
  • He had been committed to prison on 18 April, but was released soon afterwards.
10. cast into prison = obsada do więzienia cast into prison
12. prison is constructed = więzienie jest skonstruowane prison is constructed
13. set in a prison = zbiór w więzieniu set in a prison
(5) spend, serve, rescue, use
Kolokacji: 5
(6) face, avoid
Kolokacji: 3
(7) call, visit, know, commute
Kolokacji: 5
przymiotnik + prison
Kolokacji: 79
federal prison • military prison • new prison • maximum-security prison • maximum security prison • American prison • secret prison • ...
przyimek + prison
Kolokacji: 18
in prison • from prison • to prison • into prison • for prisons • ...

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