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comment rzeczownik

rzeczownik + comment
Kolokacji: 14
user comment • rate comment • reader comment • blog comment • Film Comment • ...
comment + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 10
comment period • comments section • Comments area • comments Vignette • comment thread • ...
comment + czasownik
Kolokacji: 94
comment suggests • comment makes • comment comes • Comment shares • comment reflects • comment seems • comment says • ...
czasownik + comment
Kolokacji: 119
seek comment • post comments • offer comments • send Comments • make comments • hear comments • include comments • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 46
1. seek comment = szukaj komentarza seek comment
2. post comments = komentarze do postu post comments
10. comment powered = komentarz zasilał comment powered
12. Comment is closed = Komentarz jest zakończony Comment is closed
15. allow with comments = pozwól z komentarzami allow with comments
16. complain about this comment = poskarż się na ten komentarz complain about this comment
18. see one's comments = widzieć czyjś komentarze see one's comments
20. contact with any comments = styczność z jakimikolwiek komentarzami contact with any comments
21. give comments = daj komentarze give comments
22. get comments = zrozumiane komentarze get comments
23. reach for comment = zasięg dla komentarza reach for comment
24. post for comment = poczta dla komentarza post for comment
28. comment is removed = komentarz jest usunięty comment is removed
29. ask for comment = poproś o komentarz ask for comment
33. view the comments = rozpatrz komentarze view the comments
35. ask about one's comments = pytać czyjś komentarze ask about one's comments
37. invite comments = poproś o komentarze invite comments
38. cause comment = komentarz powodu cause comment
39. apologize for one's comments = przepraszać czyjś komentarze apologize for one's comments
40. thank for one's comments = dziękować czyjś komentarze thank for one's comments
41. draw comment = komentarz losowania draw comment
42. contain comments = zawieraj komentarze contain comments
43. refuse comment = komentarz odpadów refuse comment
44. close for comment = blisko dla komentarza close for comment
45. review one's comments = przegląd czyjś komentarze review one's comments
  • We review and post comments according to the policy below.
  • We will continue to review all your comments with a view to making some more improvements to these pages.
  • The town board has held public hearings on the proposal, and the next step will be for it to review written comments.
  • "Community managers will only review comments in response to a specific report from other community members."
  • After reviewing public comments, the Commissioner has the authority to make the change, which would take effect on June 1.
  • We have reviewed all your comments, and I'd like to thank those of you who took the time to test the beta and provide feedback.
  • We will make every reasonable effort to quickly review comments; however due to staffing constraints approval may require up to or beyond 24 hours.
  • Once these "consistently adhere" to the community rules, "we'll stop reviewing their comments before they are posted."
  • Department officials are reviewing comments from restaurant owners and operators as well as consumers.
  • In some architectures those who review or offer comments can, in turn, be rated by other users.
46. attract comment = przyciągnij komentarz attract comment
przymiotnik + comment
Kolokacji: 254
public comment • far comment • negative comment • immediate comment • critical comment • positive comment • recent comment • ...
przyimek + comment
Kolokacji: 20
without comment • for comment • with comments • of comments • over comments • ...

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