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"clear" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

clear przymiotnik

clear + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 399
clear sky • clear view • clear evidence • clear picture • clear message • clear sign • clear indication • clear signal • ...
czasownik + clear
Kolokacji: 44
make clear • become clear • steer clear • keep clear • come clear • stand clear • grow clearer • run clear • look clear • pull clear • ...
przysłówek + clear
Kolokacji: 74
pretty clear • perfectly clear • entirely clear • abundantly clear • absolutely clear • immediately clear • fairly clear • completely clear • ...
clear + przyimek
Kolokacji: 29
clear about • clear to • clear from • clear on • clear in • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 16
(1) about, to, from, on, in, ...
Kolokacji: 14
1. clear over = czysty ponad clear over
2. clear before = oczyść wcześniej clear before
3. clear that = oczyść to clear that
4. clear until = czysty do czasu gdy clear until
  • The full picture will not be clear until later this year when the company issues audited financial reports for the last five years.
  • "To make them believe that the way would be clear until they arrived in the southern port."
  • The answer will not be clear until the fall.
  • The answer may not be clear until next year at the earliest.
  • The quality of the brook is A grade and remains very clear until the mouth.
  • It was impossible to see very far now, because of the fog, but last night had been clear until early morning.
  • He said the news trend would not become clear until late in the fall.
  • I may have three days clear until the test.
  • The lake itself is however usually not completely clear of ice until early May.
  • Don't see as she got a chance get clear until full tide tonight.
5. clear into = czysty do clear into
6. clear without = oczyść na zewnątrz clear without
7. clear off = czysty daleko clear off
8. clear within = oczyść wewnątrz clear within
9. clear since = czysty od tej pory clear since
10. clear beyond = czysty dalej clear beyond
11. clear throughout = oczyść przez cały czas clear throughout
12. clear under = czysty poniżej clear under
13. clear above = oczyść wyżej clear above
14. clear around = oczyść wokół clear around
15. clear between = czysty pośrodku clear between

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