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republican rzeczownik

rzeczownik + republican
Kolokacji: 69
House Republican • Senate Republican • Georgia Republican • Texas Republican • California Republican • Florida Republican • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 24
1. House Republican = Izba republikanin House Republican
2. Senate Republican = Senat republikanin Senate Republican
4. Georgia Republican = Georgia republikanin Georgia Republican
7. Louisiana Republican = Luizjana republikanin Louisiana Republican
8. New York Republican = Nowy Jork republikanin New York Republican
14. Michigan Republican = Michigan republikanin Michigan Republican
  • Tennessee Republicans say they are confident their state will hold the line against what they call just another liberal.
  • The first hat, as the Tennessee Republican described it, "was to be a real part of the investigation."
  • It was a big night for Tennessee Republicans, who also captured both Senate seats.
  • Two years later he became the first Tennessee Republican ever popularly elected to the Senate.
  • "I don't know," the Tennessee Republican replied in his gravelly drawl.
  • Senator Howard Baker, Republican of Tennessee, asked through his own laughter.
  • Senator Bob Corker, Republican of Tennessee, said he was not trying to block the bill, but wanted time to understand it.
  • Senator Bill Frist, Republican of Tennessee, saw great risk for employers.
  • Senator Fred Thompson, Republican of Tennessee, criticized colleagues who said change was needed but not now.
  • Senator Frist, a Tennessee Republican, embraced an increasingly popular idea, a delay in advertising after a drug is introduced.
23. freshman Republican = student pierwszego roku republikanin freshman Republican
republican + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 107
Republican Party • Republican primary • Republican candidate • Republican senator • Republican nominee • Republican Congress • ...
republican + czasownik
Kolokacji: 228
Republican wins • Republican votes • Republican controls • Republican opposes • Republican argues • Republican supports • ...
czasownik + republican
Kolokacji: 50
vote Republican • accuse Republicans • join Republicans • Republican led • Republican is elected • ...
przymiotnik + republican
Kolokacji: 86
conservative Republican • moderate Republican • fellow Republican • prominent Republican • Congressional Republican • ...
przyimek + republican
Kolokacji: 19
against Republicans • by Republicans • from Republicans • of Republicans • for Republicans • ...

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