"port" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

port rzeczownik

rzeczownik + port
Kolokacji: 123
fishing port • sea port • home port • river port • trading port • container port • port of entry • port of call • Port of Spain • ...
port + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 146
Port Authority • Port Vale • Port Chester • Port Elizabeth • Port Arthur • Port Jefferson • port facility • Port Moresby • Port Adelaide • ...
port + czasownik
Kolokacji: 23
port handles • port includes • port serves • port opens • port operates • ...
czasownik + port
Kolokacji: 36
leave port • visit ports • make port • include ports • return to port • enter the port • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 12
2. make port = marki port make port
6. make to ports = zrób do portów make to ports
8. port is released = port jest puszczony port is released
9. send to the port = wyślij do portu send to the port
10. provide to ports = dostarcz do portów provide to ports
11. deliver to the port = dostarcz portowi deliver to the port
  • We would accept that in payment for delivering you to the nearest port.
  • Or, for that matter, if you'd even commed when the shuttle picked you up to deliver you to the port, now that I think about it.
  • Two identical trunks are delivered to the port.
  • They were delivered to the port of Geraldton, the western terminus of the line, in 1876.
  • Solar panels can be had from China delivered to the nearest port for as little as 70p per watt.
  • The artillery barrels were then delivered to the port of Aqaba, in southern Jordan, and driven straight to Iraq.
  • The railway provides the main means of delivering cargo to the port.
  • Warships delivered heroin to the port, which was under the control of the Nigerian military, where it was unloaded, divided and repackaged for distribution.
  • In the case of sugar, for example, 98 percent of exports is delivered by barge to the port of Georgetown for export.
  • "We don't just deliver cargo to the port anymore," Mr. Schepp said.
(2) visit, call, operate, know
Kolokacji: 4
(5) use, spend, drink
Kolokacji: 4
(7) arrive, manage
Kolokacji: 2
przymiotnik + port
Kolokacji: 163
major port • main port • busy port • small port • large port • new port • important port • French port • American port • commercial port • ...

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