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intervention rzeczownik

rzeczownik + intervention
Kolokacji: 25
government intervention • state intervention • U.S. intervention • police intervention • crisis intervention • ...
intervention + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 16
intervention program • intervention force • intervention strategy • intervention service • intervention group • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 1
2. intervention strategy = strategia interwencyjna intervention strategy
3. intervention study = nauka interwencyjna intervention study
4. intervention plan = plan interwencyjny intervention plan
5. intervention project = projekt interwencyjny intervention project
  • An urgent intervention project was launched on the 150th anniversary of the nearby Battle of Waterloo in 1965, with British help and led by the descendents of soldiers who fought there.
  • This project was conceptualised as an intervention project to comprehensively address the state of electricity infrastructure in Nigeria.
  • Successful nonviolent cross-border intervention projects include the Guatemala Accompaniment Project, Peace Brigades International and Christian Peacemaker Teams.
  • The Education Trust Fund (ETF) similarly compensated him in 2010 with two special intervention projects for UNAAB, worth 198 million naira.
  • In Amboseli, several intervention projects have been put in place to mitigate the increasing level of conflict.
  • It urges investment in early intervention projects - not least in family mediation services - to try to stem the expected flow of young people heading for the streets.
  • The interim manager takes responsibility for managing the intervention, project, or solution, tracking progress and conducting periodic feedback reviews with the client.
  • Hasn't Suffolk or Norfolk Tory council scrapped all of it's youth budget for clubs and intervention projects ?
  • These days, the cathedral runs programs for youth outreach and training, a 50-bed homeless shelter, a soup kitchen and a busy AIDS counseling and intervention project.
  • The "intensive intervention projects" - described by some as a "baby asbo" - will be tested in 20 areas.
(2) force, group, effect, team
Kolokacji: 4
(4) technique, method, model
Kolokacji: 3
intervention + czasownik
Kolokacji: 31
intervention saves • intervention includes • intervention prevents • intervention helps • intervention leads • ...
czasownik + intervention
Kolokacji: 39
require intervention • oppose intervention • support intervention • make interventions • justify intervention • ...
przymiotnik + intervention
Kolokacji: 129
military intervention • human intervention • divine intervention • early intervention • medical intervention • foreign intervention • ...

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