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"effective" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

effective przymiotnik

effective + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 308
effective way • effective treatment • effective use • effective strategy • effective method • effective mean • effective tool • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 58
2. effective drug = lek skuteczny effective drug
3. effective therapy = skuteczna terapia effective therapy
4. effective dose = dawka czynna, dawka efektywna effective dose
5. effective intervention = skuteczna interwencja effective intervention
6. effective remedy = skuteczne lekarstwo effective remedy
8. effective medicine = robiący wrażenie lek effective medicine
9. effective antidote = robiące wrażenie antidotum effective antidote
10. effective cure = robiąca wrażenie metoda leczenia effective cure
11. effective dosage = skuteczne dawkowanie effective dosage
12. effective antibiotic = robiący wrażenie antybiotyk effective antibiotic
13. effective antidepressants = robiące wrażenie środki przeciwdepresyjne effective antidepressants
14. effective painkiller = robiący wrażenie środek przeciwbólowy effective painkiller
  • Many analysts and doctors predict that the dearth of effective painkillers and the growing ranks of baby boomers suffering from aching joints will drive growth in the market.
  • The drug is a safe and effective painkiller when used as an anaesthetic but can be lethal in capsule or tablet form.
  • Father Tom spoke reassuringly to his patient: "I have antibiotic powder, capsules of various penicillin derivatives, but no effective painkiller.
  • For centuries, opium and its derivatives have been considered a double-edged sword - the most effective painkiller on earth and also the most addictive substance.
  • Heroin, a scourge of America's inner cities, is also an extremely effective painkiller that many physicians believe could help desperately ill cancer patients.
  • Scientists report that the venomous black mamba produces a highly effective natural painkiller.
  • But, he said, the early results seem highly promising, especially when combined with knowledge of brain chemistry gained during the 1980's and the availability of more effective painkillers.
  • Opioids like morphine, codeine, and opium are effective painkillers, but they also have adverse effects, including addiction, nausea, and constipation.
  • Finding it would help us understand pain initiation, and could thus help in the development of more effective and specific painkillers.
  • There were effective painkillers in the first aid kit, but he was afraid they would knock him out.
15. effective modality = skuteczna modalność effective modality
(6) mean, moment
Kolokacji: 2
(7) tool, instrument
Kolokacji: 2
(14) range, limit, scene, area
Kolokacji: 4
(16) form, aperture, route, course
Kolokacji: 4
(21) temperature, pressure
Kolokacji: 2
(24) approach, attack, fire
Kolokacji: 3
(25) rate, cost
Kolokacji: 2
(26) policy, argument, elimination
Kolokacji: 3
(30) vaccine, vaccination
Kolokacji: 2
(34) advocate, voice, spokesman
Kolokacji: 3
(35) mechanism, barrier
Kolokacji: 2
(45) model, theory, framework
Kolokacji: 3
(47) learning, transfer
Kolokacji: 2
(52) retirement, abolition
Kolokacji: 2
(53) catalyst, stimulus
Kolokacji: 2
(54) lobbyist, lobbying, lobby
Kolokacji: 3
(55) contraception, deployment
Kolokacji: 2
(57) counterattack, ambush
Kolokacji: 2
(58) insulator, insecticide
Kolokacji: 2
(59) predator, parenting
Kolokacji: 2
(60) boycott, protest
Kolokacji: 2
czasownik + effective
Kolokacji: 13
prove effective • cost effective • become effective • make effective • consider effective • ...
przysłówek + effective
Kolokacji: 62
most effective • highly effective • particularly effective • extremely effective • effective immediately • equally effective • ...
effective + przyimek
Kolokacji: 18
effective against • effective in • effective at • effective for • effective with • ...

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