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drift czasownik

czasownik + drift
Kolokacji: 7
begin to drift • begin drifting • keep drifting • come drifting • start drifting • ...
drift + przyimek
Kolokacji: 55
drift off • drift into • drift down • drift through • drift toward • drift across • drift over • drift up • drift out • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 33
  • The young man seemed to begin drifting into a world his parents did not know.
  • In another few minutes his left hand would drift into the wall itself.
  • As she worked another thought came drifting into her head.
  • He drifted into the light, but something made him stop.
  • Before I drift too far into the future, let's talk about the past.
  • During the 1970s, the family started drifting into the business.
  • Because he didn't want to just drift into another relationship?
  • I started as a couple with two children drifted into view.
  • They took a picture and drifted into a large room given over to reading.
  • People come drifting into the room to see what's up.
2. drift off = stopniowo zasypiać, odpływać drift off
3. drift through = znieś całkowicie drift through
4. drift down = znieś w dół drift down
5. drift toward = znosić w kierunku drift toward
8. drift towards = znosić w kierunku drift towards
11. drift up = znieś w górę drift up
12. drift out = oddalać się powoli, podryfować drift out
13. drift to = znosić aby drift to
14. drift in = nanosić, nawiewać, tworzyć zaspy drift in
15. drift on = znosić na drift on
17. drift for = znosić dla drift for
18. drift at = znosić przy drift at
19. drift of = znosić z drift of
20. drift along = wałęsać się, chodzić bez celu drift along
21. drift away from = rozejdź się drift away from
22. drift past = dryf przeszłość drift past
23. drift by = znosić przez drift by
24. drift out of = znosić na zewnątrz z drift out of
25. drift between = znieś pośrodku drift between
26. drift off into = zapadać w sen do drift off into
27. drift above = znieś wyżej drift above
28. drift under = znieś poniżej drift under
29. drift without = znieś na zewnątrz drift without
30. drift among = znosić wśród drift among
32. drift about = dryf około drift about
33. drift after = znieś potem drift after
drift + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 70
drift away • drift apart • drift slowly • drift further • drift upward • ...

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