"address" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

address czasownik

address + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 124
address issues • address concerns • address topics • address circumstances • address aspects • address complaints • address criticism • ...
czasownik + address
Kolokacji: 24
fail to address • seek to address • designed to address • intended to address • try to address • begin to address • want to address • ...
address + przyimek
Kolokacji: 30
address by • address through • address to • address during • address in • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 20
1. address by = adresować przez address by
4. address in = adresować w address in
6. address at = adresować przy address at
9. address on = adresować na address on
10. address for = adresować dla address for
11. address about = adres około address about
12. address within = zaadresuj wewnątrz address within
13. address after = zaadresuj potem address after
14. address before = zaadresuj wcześniej address before
  • I hope that he will take a little time to address this issue before we close.
  • Some of the questions are addressed in legislation before Congress.
  • Each is assigned to a study group which tries to address case questions before class.
  • Each senator will be allowed 15 minutes to address the Senate before the vote on conviction.
  • He stepped up to address the uniformed person before him.
  • Despite his not yet perfect German, he addresses the team last before the match.
  • "I think it was a great coaching move and something that needed to be addressed before this long road trip."
  • He addressed the team the night before his shocking and sudden death on September 8, 2006.
  • "Will you be wanting to address the company before we go into the acceleration tanks?"
  • He waived his right to address the judge before sentencing.
15. address over = adres ponad address over
address + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 68
directly address • specifically address • adequately address • fully address • properly addressed • ...

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