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"send" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

send czasownik

send + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 527
send troops • send button • send representatives • send thousands • send flowers • send emissaries • send reinforcements • ...
czasownik + send
Kolokacji: 80
start sending • stop sending • begin sending • keep sending • help send • consider sending • plan to send • promise to send • ...
send + przyimek
Kolokacji: 80
send out • send back • send off • send down • send up • sent via • ...
send + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 86
send forth • sent abroad • sent overseas • immediately send • sent directly • sent away • eventually sent • later send • finally send • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 26
2. send forth = wydawać, publikować, tworzyć, dawać, wysyłać, wyekspediować, eksportować, przesyłać coś dalej send forth
3. sent abroad = wysłany za granicą sent abroad
4. sent overseas = wysłany za granicą sent overseas
5. sent away = zamówiony sent away
6. sent directly = wysłany bezpośrednio sent directly
7. eventually sent = ostatecznie wysłać eventually sent
8. later send = później wyślij later send
9. finally send = w końcu wyślij finally send
10. simply send = po prostu wyślij simply send
11. regularly send = regularnie wyślij regularly send
12. actually send = faktycznie wyślij actually send
13. once send = kiedyś wyślij once send
14. quickly send = szybko wyślij quickly send
15. sent ahead = wysłany naprzód sent ahead
  • I thought they must have been sent ahead from the third army.
  • And when we sent ahead to let our lady know, she would have one of us ride back to bring you word.
  • I had to, in the end, it kept them happy several more hours, and they sent one man ahead to call off the hunt.
  • I'll send ahead to let my people know there is another guest.
  • Word would be sent ahead in any event, and he did not care to wait for its arrival.
  • They were trying to take at least one parent of each child who had been sent ahead on earlier flights.
  • Messages would be sent ahead to watch for his vehicle.
  • I hadn't realized until we arrived just how many of the best had been sent ahead to prepare our new home.
  • All the better for the news you sent ahead, love.
  • Which meant that there had not been anyone to send ahead as an advance party.
16. sent forward = wysłany do przodu sent forward
18. secretly send = potajemnie wyślij secretly send
19. initially sent = początkowo wysłać initially sent
20. sent earlier = wysłany wcześniej sent earlier
21. originally sent = początkowo wysłać originally sent
22. better send = lepiej wyślij better send
24. promptly send = natychmiast wyślij promptly send
26. occasionally send = od czasu do czasu wysyłaj occasionally send

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