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somehow przysłówek

czasownik + somehow
Kolokacji: 254
somehow manage • seem somehow • somehow survive • somehow connected • somehow find • somehow make • somehow get • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 30
2. seem somehow = wydawaj się jakoś seem somehow
8. somehow feel = jakoś poczuj somehow feel
11. somehow come = jakoś przyjdź somehow come
12. look somehow = popatrz jakoś look somehow
13. somehow go = jakoś pójdź somehow go
15. somehow lost = jakoś przegrać somehow lost
  • Last year they didn't look good and somehow lost those games.
  • In trying to make their lives better, he'd somehow lost them.
  • The woman who had somehow lost her life among the Indians.
  • "It's as if someone who might choose something different could somehow lose."
  • Thus in going 0-11-3, the Islanders somehow lost everything but significant ground.
  • What a waste if they somehow lost her when she was this close to a decision for Christ.
  • Even the floor beneath his feet had somehow lost substance.
  • The message said the woman's letter was somehow lost, and never delivered.
  • On their way to a jazz club for drinks, they somehow lost the other players.
  • Richard realized that he had somehow lost the need to stop and stare.
16. somehow fail = jakoś doznaj niepowodzenia somehow fail
18. somehow keep = jakoś trzymaj somehow keep
19. somehow think = jakoś pomyśl somehow think
21. somehow linked = jakoś połączyć somehow linked
22. somehow turn = jakoś obróć się somehow turn
25. somehow become = jakoś stój się somehow become
28. somehow help = jakoś pomóż somehow help
29. somehow learn = jakoś naucz się somehow learn
somehow + przymiotnik
Kolokacji: 27
somehow different • somehow responsible • somehow familiar • somehow able • somehow comforting • ...

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