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get czasownik

get + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 1279
get help • get hold • get permission • get clearance • get revenge • get approval • get credit • get tickets • get access • get mail • ...
czasownik + get
Kolokacji: 200
avoid getting • start getting • keep getting • begin getting • help get • go get • mean getting • come get • try get • got get • want get • ...
get + przyimek
Kolokacji: 115
get past • get back • get up • get out • get off • get down • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 92
2. get past = przejść obok, minąć get past
3. get back = wrócić (do danego miejsca), cofać się get back
4. get out = wysiadać (np. z samochodu) get out
5. get up = wstać z łóżka get up
6. get off = wysiadać (z autobusu, pociągu, samolotu) get off
8. get down = schodzić (np. po schodach) get down
9. get inside = dostać się do środka get inside
11. get to = dojdź get to
12. get behind = spóźniać się, opóźniać się (np. z pracą, z płatnościami) get behind
13. get onto = kontaktować się, dowiadywać się get onto
14. get along = radzić sobie, dawać sobie radę (z czymś, w jakiejś sytuacji) get along
15. get over = przedostawać się, pokonywać (np. przeszkodę) get over
16. get around = rozprzestrzeniać się, rozpowszechniać się (np. plotka) get around
17. get near = dostań blisko get near
18. get aboard = dostań na pokładzie get aboard
19. get under = przedostań się pod spodem get under
21. get on = wsiadać (do autobusu, pociągu, samolotu) get on
22. get across = przedostawać się, pokonywać (np. przeszkodę) get across
23. get outside = dostań na zewnątrz get outside
24. get in = wsiadać (do samochodu) get in
25. get within = dostań wewnątrz get within
26. get above = dostań wyżej get above
27. get at = dobierz się get at
28. get below = dostań poniżej get below
31. get together with = dostawać razem z get together with
32. get until = dostawać do czasu gdy get until
33. get between = dostań pośrodku get between
34. get about = rozprzestrzeniać się, rozpowszechniać się (np. plotka) get about
35. get after = dostań potem get after
36. get without = dostań na zewnątrz get without
37. get before = dostań wcześniej get before
39. get by = radzić sobie finansowo, dawać sobie radę get by
41. get during = dostawać podczas get during
42. get against = dostawać przeciwko get against
43. get because = dostawać ponieważ get because
44. get since = dostań od tej pory get since
45. get upon = dostawać na get upon
46. get among = dostawać wśród get among
47. get despite = dostawać pomimo get despite
48. get of = dostawać z get of
49. get including = dostawać w tym get including
50. get toward = dostawać w kierunku get toward
53. get far from = dostawać daleko od get far from
  • And now she could not get out of bed on her own.
  • She got out of bed and went to the phone.
  • But he also wants us to get out of his way.
  • You will not get any sense out of him now.
  • Things started to get out of hand, as they lost their next three games.
  • She couldn't get him out of the well on her own.
  • He got out of the car and came around for her.
  • What they want to see they're not going to get out of me.
  • Just to get them out of our hair, if nothing else.
  • They hadn't had a chance to get much out of life.
55. get along with = dostawać wraz z get along with
56. get ahead of = dostawać przed get ahead of
57. get nearer = stój się bliższy get nearer
58. get out of = wyjdź get out of
  • Couldn't even get out of him how he found out about the show.
  • He got out of the car and went around to the other door, opened it, pulled the girl out.
  • He thought they'd probably been getting supplies and equipment out before the onset of winter.
  • I got out of bed, went across to the window and looked out at the night.
  • "You're not getting me out in front of the people enough so I can explain this."
  • She got out of bed after the first one, looked out the window.
  • "Now the question is how are you going to get out" of the downturn.
  • Now get out of the way before I move you out.
  • I wasn't getting out of this room until the General wanted me out.
  • He got out of the car, opened my door, and helped me out.
59. get till = mieć kasa sklepowa get till
60. get down to = połóż się get down to
61. get except = dostawać tyle że get except
62. get beside = dostawać obok get beside
63. get thanks to = dostawać dzięki get thanks to
64. get off to = zabierz się get off to
65. get down on = schodzić na get down on
66. get up from = wstań get up from
67. get off at = wysiadać przy get off at
68. get off on = wysiadać na get off on
69. get up at = wstawać przy get up at
70. get up on = wsiądź get up on
71. get out into = dostań się na zewnątrz get out into
72. get off of = wysiadać z get off of
73. get up to = nawyczyniaj get up to
74. get out on = wychodzić na get out on
75. get off with = wysiadać z get off with
76. get out from = wyciągnij get out from
77. get up in = ubrany się get up in
78. get up off = wstawać daleko get up off
79. get out in = wychodzić w get out in
80. get out to = dojdź na zewnątrz get out to
81. get up for = dostań w górę get up for
82. get up with = trafiony w górę get up with
83. get out with = trafiony na zewnątrz get out with
84. get out at = wychodzić przy get out at
85. get beneath = dostań poniżej get beneath
86. get off in = wysiadać w get off in
87. get while = dostawać podczas gdy get while
88. get because of = dostawać z powodu get because of
89. get out for = dostań na zewnątrz get out for
90. get along with = dostawać wraz z get along with
91. get throughout = dostań przez cały czas get throughout
92. get towards = dostawać w kierunku get towards
get + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 212
get away • finally get • get closer • get home • get worse • get drunk • get bigger • get older • get sick • get nowhere • better get • ...

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