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sport rzeczownik

rzeczownik + sport
Kolokacji: 91
team sport • Fox Sport • winter sport • CBS Sport • college sport • varsity sport • spectator sport • NBC Sport • ABC Sport • ...
sport + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 336
sports team • sports car • sports club • sports event • sports facility • sports program • sports arena • sports fan • sports complex • ...
sport + czasownik
Kolokacji: 52
sport includes • Sport lives • sport offers • sport betting • sport plays • ...
czasownik + sport
Kolokacji: 68
play sports • cover sports • enjoy sports • offer sports • include sports • make sport • watch sports • compete in several sports • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 18
2. cover sports = sporty okładkie cover sports
6. make sport = marki sport make sport
7. watch sports = sporty wachtowe watch sports
9. love sports = sporty miłosne love sports
12. sport called = sport zadzwonił sport called
13. take in sports = obejmij sporty take in sports
14. feature sports = cecha sporty feature sports
16. like sports = jak sporty like sports
17. sport known = sport znany sport known
18. add sports = dodaj sporty add sports
  • As schools add sports, they look to ones that can support large rosters.
  • The school is currently looking for ways to bring back and add additional sports to meet overwhelming demands by students and the local community.
  • The college plans to add additional sports including softball, lacrosse, and cross country in the following academic years.
  • The school began with men and women's soccer and basketball, and hopes to eventually add other sports.
  • Although the practise of hurling was decreasing the club added other sports during the 1940s, such as field hockey and rugby union.
  • At times a club, with the player's assent, will add other specific sports to the list.
  • In 1945 several clubs decided to become part of the club adding new sports to the institution like athletics, basketball and swimming.
  • It would be a great mistake to add sports betting to the ever-growing disease of gambling, which has a costly stranglehold on our nation.
  • The university's determination to add sports while other schools drop them due to their high costs is an expensive choice.
  • Rogge must resist, at all costs, the pressures to add such "sports" as ballroom dancing to the Olympic program.
przymiotnik + sport
Kolokacji: 157
professional sport • popular sport • competitive sport • extreme sport • favorite sport • major sport • national sport • local sport • ...
przyimek + sport
Kolokacji: 27
in sports • of sports • including sports • about sports • for sports • ...

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