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innovative przymiotnik

innovative + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 153
innovative way • innovative approach • innovative program • innovative technology • innovative idea • innovative design • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 19
1. innovative way = sposób innowacyjny innovative way
3. innovative program = nowatorski program innovative program
5. innovative idea = nowatorski pomysł innovative idea
  • American and foreign companies are racing to bring the innovative design to market.
  • It had an innovative design and sold well despite its relatively high price.
  • What seemed like an innovative design when the airport was new has now turned out to be something of a disaster.
  • Both of these innovative designs received wide press and critical attention.
  • Throughout its history, the company has been known for innovative designs and use of materials.
  • When the old high school opened in the fall of 1960, it was hailed for its innovative design.
  • It is noted for its simple and innovative design with many advanced features.
  • Other manufacturers have come up with innovative designs created for children.
  • It was hoped to be new and original, with innovative designs.
  • Despite its innovative design, critics complained it was too expensive.
12. innovative technique = nowatorska metoda innovative technique
13. innovative work = nowatorska praca innovative work
14. innovative method = nowatorska metoda innovative method
15. innovative project = innowacyjny projekt innovative project
18. innovative style = nowatorski styl innovative style
19. innovative concept = nowatorskie pojęcie innovative concept
przysłówek + innovative
Kolokacji: 11
most innovative • highly innovative • truly innovative • particularly innovative • technically innovative • ...

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