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innovative przymiotnik

innovative + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 153
innovative way • innovative approach • innovative program • innovative technology • innovative idea • innovative design • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 19
1. innovative way = sposób innowacyjny innovative way
3. innovative program = nowatorski program innovative program
5. innovative idea = nowatorski pomysł innovative idea
  • State aid can be provided only for the development of new, innovative products.
  • In many financial firms, the innovative product is really an information system.
  • "We should have brought in more innovative product for the holiday season," he said.
  • Some of the most innovative new products have been created by people with disabilities themselves.
  • Better innovative products do, after all, place more demands on the network.
  • However during the following decades, British companies failed to develop innovative new products.
  • The company is well known for designing several unique and innovative products.
  • And third, to give companies an incentive to encourage innovative products.
  • It is also an opportunity for industry to put innovative products on the market, especially if we have uniform standards here all across Europe.
  • In addition to their own food production, agricultural businesses also offer innovative products and services.
12. innovative technique = nowatorska metoda innovative technique
13. innovative work = nowatorska praca innovative work
14. innovative method = nowatorska metoda innovative method
15. innovative project = innowacyjny projekt innovative project
18. innovative style = nowatorski styl innovative style
19. innovative concept = nowatorskie pojęcie innovative concept
przysłówek + innovative
Kolokacji: 11
most innovative • highly innovative • truly innovative • particularly innovative • technically innovative • ...

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