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innovative przymiotnik

innovative + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 153
innovative way • innovative approach • innovative program • innovative technology • innovative idea • innovative design • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 19
1. innovative way = sposób innowacyjny innovative way
3. innovative program = nowatorski program innovative program
5. innovative idea = nowatorski pomysł innovative idea
12. innovative technique = nowatorska metoda innovative technique
13. innovative work = nowatorska praca innovative work
14. innovative method = nowatorska metoda innovative method
15. innovative project = innowacyjny projekt innovative project
18. innovative style = nowatorski styl innovative style
19. innovative concept = nowatorskie pojęcie innovative concept
  • But the small companies can develop an innovative concept very quickly, move it through the trial stage quicker.
  • He still continues his association with the advertisement industry through jingles innovative concepts.
  • Grace took an innovative concept, imported from overseas, and made it work in his community.
  • This innovative concept attracted national attention and planning moved swiftly.
  • They are coming up with new storylines and innovative concepts.
  • The information is utilized to generate innovative concepts and 'new knowledge'.
  • By 1940 George Nelson had become known for several innovative concepts.
  • The design incorporated some innovative concepts in addition to the high aspect ratio wing.
  • The most innovative concept is the holo-communication between players.
  • "I am excited about the innovative concept of providing for children a choice in education aside from the traditional public school," he said.
przysłówek + innovative
Kolokacji: 11
most innovative • highly innovative • truly innovative • particularly innovative • technically innovative • ...

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