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"entity" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

entity rzeczownik

rzeczownik + entity
Kolokacji: 17
government entity • business entity • state entity • mirage entity • solo entity of Somalia • ...
entity + czasownik
Kolokacji: 42
entity calls • entity uses • entity operates • entity exists • entity makes • ...
czasownik + entity
Kolokacji: 50
entity called • entity known • create an entity • entity represented • see as an entity • ...
przymiotnik + entity
Kolokacji: 199
separate entity • political entity • private entity • single entity • legal entity • independent entity • corporate entity • different entity • ...
przyimek + entity
Kolokacji: 15
between entities • by entities • of entities • to entities • with entities • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 10
(1) between, by, of, to, with, ...
Kolokacji: 15
2. by entities = przez podmioty by entities
  • I had created him in the state of an individual entity.
  • He wasn't the first of the higher entities to deal with them.
  • It has the form of private legal entity under law.
  • This is the part of the entity that has spent the money.
  • They can be a part of a big organization or an independent entity.
  • The type of entity is also required to be identified in the name.
  • He closed his eyes and tried to imagine what it was like to be part of such an entity.
  • You alone of all the entities in existence can do it.
  • In some cases, the university may own a part share of the controlling entity.
  • He said that the success of the new entity would be evident within the next year or two.
5. with entities = z jednostkami with entities
6. for entities = dla podmiotów for entities
9. on entities = na podmioty on entities
11. among entities = wśród podmiotów among entities
12. about entities = o jednostkach about entities
13. against entities = przeciwko podmiotom against entities
14. through entities = dzięki podmiotom through entities
15. including entities = w tym jednostki including entities

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