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excessive przymiotnik

excessive + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 189
excessive force • excessive use • excessive amount • excessive drinking • excessive consumption • excessive spending • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 18
  • On the other end, excessive force will put you in trouble with the police chief.
  • It found there was a culture of excessive force being used by staff.
  • A report has said security forces used "excessive force" earlier this year.
  • Three complaints about the use of excessive force were made against him in 1994.
  • Sometimes they use excessive force and harassment, which go on in every place.
  • The two cases have much in common, mainly the question whether the police used excessive force.
  • The police and the mayor said that the officer did not use excessive force, but was simply trying to control the situation.
  • In Chicago, there were 2,242 complaints of excessive force last year.
  • However, the government was seen to make some effort to prosecute security forces who used excessive force.
  • Oakland officers have been known to use excessive force in the past.
2. excessive use = nadmierne wykorzystanie excessive use
6. excessive spending = nadmierne wydatki excessive spending
8. excessive speed = nadmierna prędkość excessive speed
9. excessive number = nadmierna liczba excessive number
11. excessive noise = nadmierny hałas excessive noise
12. excessive violence = nadmierna przemoc excessive violence
13. excessive growth = nadmierny wzrost excessive growth
14. excessive cost = nadmierny koszt excessive cost
15. excessive regulation = nadmierne rozporządzenie excessive regulation
16. excessive level = nadmierny poziom excessive level
17. excessive fee = nadmierna opłata excessive fee
18. excessive demand = wygórowane żądanie excessive demand
czasownik + excessive
Kolokacji: 3
consider excessive • deem excessive • become excessive
przysłówek + excessive
Kolokacji: 3
grossly excessive • somewhat excessive • wildly excessive
excessive + przyimek
Kolokacji: 3
excessive in • excessive for • excessive to

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