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"buy" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

buy czasownik

buy + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 545
buy tickets • buy shares • buy stocks • buy land • buy food • buy products • buy bonds • buy goods • buy clothes • buy insurance • ...
czasownik + buy
Kolokacji: 77
begin buying • start buying • consider buying • stop buying • enable to buy • afford to buy • plan to buy • agree to buy • offer to buy • ...
buy + przyimek
Kolokacji: 54
buy back • buy out • buy up • buy off • buy into • ...
buy + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 67
eventually buy • actually buy • later buy • simply buy • buy directly • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 10
(1) eventually, finally
Kolokacji: 2
(3) simply, merely
Kolokacji: 2
(6) easily, second-hand, eagerly
Kolokacji: 3
(8) low, heavily, quietly
Kolokacji: 3
(9) separately, jointly, freely
Kolokacji: 3
2. jointly buy = wspólnie kup jointly buy
  • Three regional Bell companies are exploring the possibility of jointly buying time from long-distance telephone service providers, hoping to get a better deal with their combined size.
  • Although not legally bound to do so, they will usually make an offer to sell the headlease to all the tenants who wish to buy jointly.
  • The suit cites cases in which the Castle and Wolf campaigns jointly bought television commercials, bumper stickers, headquarters space and other items.
  • Mr. Rockefeller said the family interests thought the best course would be for Mitsubishi and the Rockefellers to jointly buy the real estate trust outright.
  • They mingled their bank accounts, jointly bought property and signed statements assigning each other responsibility for making medical decisions, if necessary.
  • He then retired from the music industry, and jointly bought a nightclub in Malta with Rolf Harris.
  • But he and the chairman of Ferruzzi-Montedison's own sugar company have already jointly bought an interest in a sugar company.
  • So, in 1929 their two companies jointly bought the Dorchester House, a large 19th-century building, and quickly had it demolished.
  • On 1 July 2011, Finnair and Flybe announced they will jointly buy Finncomm for €25 million.
  • The three jointly bought a house together in 1938.
3. freely bought = swobodnie kupić freely bought
(10) outright, quickly, promptly
Kolokacji: 3
(11) generally, wholesale
Kolokacji: 2
(12) aggressively, definitely
Kolokacji: 2
(14) better, best
Kolokacji: 2
(15) frequently, occasionally
Kolokacji: 2
(16) privately, personally
Kolokacji: 2

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