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"business" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

business rzeczownik

rzeczownik + business
Kolokacji: 335
show business • core business • entertainment business • restaurant business • banking business • publishing business • Small Business • ...
business + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 477
Business Administration • business leader • business partner • business district • business owner • business executive • business model • ...
business + czasownik
Kolokacji: 203
business operates • business grows • business sells • business fails • business expands • business starts • business continues • ...
czasownik + business
Kolokacji: 264
conduct business • attract business • study business • promote business • allow businesses • mean business • discuss business • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 100
2. attract business = przyciągaj przedsiębiorstwo attract business
5. mean business = traktować sprawę poważnie mean business
10. assist businesses = pomóż biznesom assist businesses
13. business based = biznes oparł business based
18. go about one's business = zajmować się swoimi sprawami go about one's business
19. start up one's business = zapalać czyjś biznes start up one's business
  • He'd thought to get business out of the way first.
  • She's waiting for me to get my business done here.
  • One would think that eight years running the country is a pretty good shot at getting your business done.
  • He hadn't quite been able to force himself to go that far to get her father's business.
  • Who knows - maybe they'll start getting business from people outside the family and have a trade of their own!
  • "A lot of people know his work and that results in us getting business."
  • I've got business down there in the next few hours.
  • But I think you'd get more business out of the smaller one.
  • She wants to get business for the company, that's fine.
  • "It should only be a way of getting started, to get your business off the ground," she said.
23. mind one's business = umysł czyjś biznes mind one's business
24. know one's business = być kompetentnym, znać się na swojej branży know one's business
30. finish one's business = kończyć czyjś biznes finish one's business
31. move one's business = ruszać się czyjś biznes move one's business
37. win business = zwycięstwo biznes win business
40. require businesses = wymagaj biznesów require businesses
41. business called = biznes zadzwonił business called
44. put one's business = kłaść czyjś biznes put one's business
45. offer to businesses = oferta do biznesów offer to businesses
47. get with the business = dostań z biznesem get with the business
49. want one's business = chcieć czyjś biznes want one's business
50. pass businesses = biznesy przepustki pass businesses
51. show business = przemysł rozrywkowy show business
52. go into business = zająć się interesami, zająć się biznesem go into business
53. succeed in Business = odnieś sukces w interesach succeed in Business
54. conclude one's business = kończyć czyjś biznes conclude one's business
55. serve businesses = obsłuż biznesy serve businesses
58. stay in business = utrzymaj się na powierzchni stay in business
59. open for business = otwarty dla biznesu open for business
61. retire from business = wycofaj się z biznesu retire from business
64. complete one's business = kończyć czyjś biznes complete one's business
67. engage in business = zaangażuj się w biznes engage in business
69. force businesses = biznesy siły force businesses
75. establish a business = założyć przedsiębiorstwo, założyć firmę establish a business
79. make to businesses = zrób do biznesów make to businesses
81. business located = biznes zlokalizował business located
87. use in business = wykorzystanie w biznesie use in business
89. resume business = podejmij na nowo biznes resume business
90. provide to businesses = dostarcz do biznesów provide to businesses
92. remain in business = pozostań kupiecki remain in business
93. change one's business = zmiana czyjś biznes change one's business
94. get to business = dojdź do biznesu get to business
95. seek business = szukaj biznesu seek business
96. pursue business = zajmuj się biznesem pursue business
97. travel on business = podróżować służbowo travel on business
99. drum up business = nakręcić, rozkręcić interesy (np. zdobyć więcej zleceń, mieć więcej zamówień) drum up business
100. ask one's business = pytać czyjś biznes ask one's business
przymiotnik + business
Kolokacji: 401
small business • big business • private business • retail business • serious business • unfinished business • profitable business • ...
przyimek + business
Kolokacji: 28
of business • for businesses • into business • in business • among businesses • ...

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