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drinking rzeczownik

rzeczownik + drinking
Kolokacji: 9
binge drinking • beer drinking • wine drinking • tea drinking • coffee drinking • ...
drinking + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 47
drinking water • drinking problem • drinking age • drinking fountain • drinking habit • drinking song • ...
drinking + czasownik
Kolokacji: 6
drinking causes • drinking increases • drinking affects • drinking leads • drinking begins • ...
czasownik + drinking
Kolokacji: 19
stop drinking • quit drinking • start drinking • keep drinking • finish drinking • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 2
1. involve drinking = wymagaj picia involve drinking
2. include drinking = obejmuj picie include drinking
  • But, perhaps not surprisingly, police efforts to prohibit public drinking brought only mixed results.
  • Later that year, Whitman signed a revised bill that allowed municipalities to pass ordinance prohibiting underage drinking on private property.
  • But some services, like Megabus, prohibit eating and drinking.
  • Some religions prohibit drinking or eating blood or food made from blood.
  • Mentry had reportedly "imbued the town with his puritanism as well as his name," prohibiting drinking and the use of foul language.
  • Hartwick's dean of student life, Geneva Walker-Johnson, said the college continued to remind students that it prohibits under-age drinking.
  • Then there was the controversial ordinance prohibiting public drinking, which raised tempers in town.
  • "There's no endorsement contract now that prohibits drinking," Crabtree says when I ask him if Daly has continued to abstain.
  • In six provinces, nearly one-third of the country, the military can impose curfews, regulate the hours of operations for businesses, register civilians and prohibit weapons and drinking.
4. ban drinking = zakaz picie ban drinking
(4) spend, enjoy
Kolokacji: 2
przymiotnik + drinking
Kolokacji: 16
heavy drinking • excessive drinking • underage drinking • under-age drinking • hard drinking • ...
przyimek + drinking
Kolokacji: 16
with drinking • of drinking • for drinking • about drinking • to drinking • ...

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