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get czasownik

get + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 1279
get help • get hold • get permission • get clearance • get revenge • get approval • get credit • get tickets • get access • get mail • ...
czasownik + get
Kolokacji: 200
avoid getting • start getting • keep getting • begin getting • help get • go get • mean getting • come get • try get • got get • want get • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 85
1. avoid getting = uniknij dostawania avoid getting
3. keep getting = kontynuuj dostawanie keep getting
4. help get = pomóż dostawać help get
5. begin getting = zacznij dostawać begin getting
6. go get = przejdź dostawać go get
7. come get = przychodzić dostawać come get
8. mean getting = oznaczaj dostawanie mean getting
9. try get = próbować dostawać try get
10. got get = dostać dostawać got get
11. want get = chcieć dostawać want get
12. need get = dostawać need get
13. make getting = marki dostawanie make getting
14. end up getting = koniec w górę dostawania end up getting
15. try to get = spróbuj dostać try to get
16. consider getting = zastanów się nad dostawaniem consider getting
17. remember getting = przypomnij sobie dostawanie remember getting
18. manage to get = daj sobie radę z dostaniem manage to get
19. struggle to get = walka o dostanie struggle to get
20. scramble to get = szamotanina by dostać scramble to get
21. allowed get = pozwolić dostawać allowed get
22. want to get = chciej dostać want to get
23. tell get = mówić dostawać tell get
24. like get = tak jak dostawać like get
25. go to get = idź do dostawać go to get
26. need to get = potrzebuj dostać need to get
27. attempt to get = próba dostania attempt to get
28. tend to get = miej skłoności do dostania tend to get
29. hope to get = miej nadzieję dostać hope to get
30. fail to get = nie potraf dostać fail to get
31. wait to get = poczekaj by dostać wait to get
32. start to get = zacznij dostawać start to get
33. plan to get = plan dostania plan to get
34. seem to get = wydawaj się dostać seem to get
35. expect to get = spodziewaj się, że dostać expect to get
36. determined to get = zdecydować się dostać determined to get
37. begin to get = zacznij dostawać begin to get
38. like to get = lubić dostać like to get
39. decide to get = zdecyduj się dostać decide to get
40. fight to get = walcz by dostać fight to get
41. intend to get = miej zamiar dostać intend to get
42. get without being seen = dostań bez zostania zobaczonym get without being seen
43. got to get = namówiony by dostać got to get
44. continue to get = kontynuuj dostanie continue to get
45. use to get = użyj by dostać use to get
46. seek to get = staraj się dostać seek to get
47. designed to get = zaprojektowany by dostać designed to get
  • It is designed to get you familiar with the game.
  • It was designed to get an immediate response to a sale.
  • They were designed to get people from the city to the park.
  • The changes he is making in the Labour party are designed to get union members more involved.
  • A live performance at the beginning is designed to get the audience to guess what the film will be that night.
  • "This was not designed to get around the regulations," he said.
  • It was all designed to get major heat from the crowd.
  • Conferences are designed to get average people to change their behavior.
  • The whole operation had been designed to get that one fact.
  • A verdict designed to get everyone to lose interest, to go away and let you be.
48. push to get = naciśnij by dostać push to get
49. take to get = zabierać dostawać take to get
50. allow to get = pozwól dostać allow to get
51. required to get = wymagać by dostać required to get
52. love to get = miłość dostać love to get
53. promise to get = obietnica dostania promise to get
54. work to get = pracuj by dostać work to get
55. rush to get = pogoń by dostać rush to get
56. come to get = przyjdź dostać come to get
57. run to get = pobiegnij by dostać run to get
58. pay to get = opłać się dostać pay to get
59. look to get = popatrz by dostać look to get
60. move to get = zabierz się do dostania move to get
61. help to get = pomóż dostać help to get
62. leave to get = wychodzić dostawać leave to get
63. mean to get = miej zamiar dostać mean to get
64. get to thinking = dojdź do zapatrywań get to thinking
65. mind getting = miej coś przeciw dostawaniu mind getting
66. tell to get = każ dostać tell to get
67. walk to get = podchodzić dostawać walk to get
68. manage get = zarządzać dostawać manage get
69. ask to get = poproś by dostać ask to get
70. stop getting = przestań dostawać stop getting
71. call to get = wezwij do dostania call to get
72. make to get = robić dostać make to get
73. can to get = puszka dostać can to get
74. enable to get = umożliw dostanie enable to get
75. send to get = wyślij by dostać send to get
76. stop to get = zatrzymaj się by dostać stop to get
77. know to get = wiedzieć dostać know to get
78. risk getting = zaryzykuj dostawanie risk getting
79. wish to get = chciej dostać wish to get
80. find to get = znajdować dostać find to get
81. get by going = dostać przez pójście get by going
83. get on expect = kontynuować oczekiwać get on expect
84. decide get = decydować dostawać decide get
85. force to get = siła dostać force to get
get + przyimek
Kolokacji: 115
get past • get back • get up • get out • get off • get down • ...
get + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 212
get away • finally get • get closer • get home • get worse • get drunk • get bigger • get older • get sick • get nowhere • better get • ...

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