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prisoner rzeczownik

rzeczownik + prisoner
Kolokacji: 22
state prisoner • prisoner of conscience • prisoner of war • women prisoner • model prisoner • ...
prisoner + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 15
prisoner exchange • prisoner abuse • prisoner release • prisoner transport • prisoner population • ...
prisoner + czasownik
Kolokacji: 98
prisoner escapes • prisoner dies • prisoner says • prisoner goes • prisoner makes • ...
czasownik + prisoner
Kolokacji: 76
take prisoner • hold prisoner • house prisoners • keep prisoner • make prisoner • capture several prisoners • transport prisoners • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 22
3. wound prisoner = więzień rany wound prisoner
4. prisoner is shot = więzień zostanie postrzelony prisoner is shot
5. supervise prisoners = nadzoruj więźniów supervise prisoners
  • Male guards will still supervise female prisoners outside their housing block.
  • An alternative is "direct supervision", in which officers work within the pod and directly interact with and supervise prisoners, who may spend the day outside their cells in a central "dayroom" on the floor of the pod.
  • In the future, officials said, newly constructed prisons will be owned by the Federal Government so that construction costs will not be covered by the daily reimbursement for supervising prisoners.
  • Brian Cassidy, another supervisor, said Specialist Graner sometimes supervised prisoners on death row and performed "on a professional level at all times."
  • Many of the disciplinary measures then used by state employees and supervising prisoners are now illegal.
  • Probation staff also supervise prisoners who have been released on a life licence (usually after they have served part or all of a life sentence).
  • The new prison, designed by Robert Abraham and costing £186,000, was circular in plan (following Jeremy Bentham's 'panopticon') so that warders could supervise prisoners from a central point, and had a capacity of 900 prisoners.
  • They are often used to hassle the protagonists, or other duties such as supervise prisoners.
  • However, there were only four of these, and their role was restricted to supervising prisoners in work and vocational activities, rather than the disciplinary roles undertaken by the more controversial 'convict warders' employed in many other gaols.
  • In 1944, Poulan was supervising German prisoners cutting pulpwood in East Texas.
(9) treat, abuse, handle
Kolokacji: 3
(10) rescue, help, deliver, assist
Kolokacji: 4
(11) visit, name, call, know
Kolokacji: 4
(12) accuse, prohibit, bar
Kolokacji: 3
przymiotnik + prisoner
Kolokacji: 113
political prisoner • fellow prisoner • German prisoner • Iraqi prisoner • American prisoner • female prisoner • Palestinian prisoner • ...
przyimek + prisoner
Kolokacji: 21
of prisoners • for prisoners • by prisoners • with prisoners • from prisoners • ...

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