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"middle" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

middle rzeczownik

rzeczownik + middle
Kolokacji: 39
middle of one's back • middle of one's forehead • middle of one's chest • middle of an area • middle of town • ...
middle + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 13
Middle Island • Middle Age • Middle Road • Middle River • Middle School • ...
czasownik + middle
Kolokacji: 15
wake up in the middle • get up in the middle • stand in the middle • catch in the middle • sit in the middle • ...
przymiotnik + middle
Kolokacji: 11
later Middle • early Middle • late Middle • exact middle • High Middle • ...
przyimek + middle
Kolokacji: 22
down the middle • in the middle • up the middle • near the middle • toward the middle • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 21
1. down the middle = na połowę down the middle
3. up the middle = w górę środka up the middle
4. near the middle = koło środka near the middle
5. toward the middle = w kierunku środka toward the middle
  • I told him stay high or I'll kill you across the middle.
  • Also, build a hill across the middle of the field, for added interest.
  • The strap across my lower middle was in the way.
  • They showed fear and no one in the league is afraid to come across the middle.
  • She opened one eye and then the other, arms still folded across her middle.
  • Its body is painted light blue with a brown band across the middle.
  • Some day I might see you come across the middle.
  • "They don't pay me enough to go across the middle," Case said.
  • The best way to stop that is to make people pay when they come across the middle.
  • Starting from their own 40-yard line, Trinity called a play for a short pass across the middle.
10. during the middle = podczas środka during the middle
11. by the middle = przez środek by the middle
12. over the middle = ponad środkiem over the middle
15. from the middle = ze środka from the middle
20. on the middle = na środku on the middle
21. towards the middle = w kierunku środka towards the middle

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