"alive" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

alive przymiotnik

alive + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 9
alive man • alive people • alive person • alive woman • alive thing • ...
czasownik + alive
Kolokacji: 34
come alive • keep alive • bury alive • burn alive • stay alive • eat alive • feel alive • find alive • leave alive • see alive • take alive • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 19
1. come alive = ożyć, ożywić się come alive
2. keep alive = utrzymuj przy życiu keep alive
3. bury alive = pogrzebać żywcem, zakopać żywcem bury alive
4. burn alive = spłonąć żywcem burn alive
5. stay alive = przeżyj stay alive
6. eat alive = zjedz eat alive
7. feel alive = czuć się pełnym wigoru, czuć\, że się żyje feel alive
8. find alive = uważaj za żywy find alive
9. leave alive = wychodzić żywy leave alive
10. see alive = widzieć żywy see alive
11. take alive = bierz żywcem take alive
12. look alive = wyglądaj żywy look alive
13. capture alive = pojmij żywcem capture alive
14. escape alive = uciekać żywy escape alive
15. hope alive = nadzieja żywy hope alive
16. return alive = wracać żywy return alive
17. flay alive = obdzierać ze skóry żywy flay alive
  • "If he refuses to obey I will have him flayed alive."
  • If he didn't get himself up onto the back of the truck, he'd be flayed alive.
  • He rose, turned, and said, "I would flay alive the one who did this."
  • No one could say such a thing in a Gorayni camp without being flayed alive.
  • "Oh yes, some of them were also to be flayed alive," he added.
  • Instead, it had taken him hours to die, flayed alive slowly by creatures who fed on human pain.
  • As a result, the king had him arrested and flayed alive.
  • And why should I not have you flayed alive to gain your information?
  • If the Council doesn't have me flayed alive first for letting you be killed under my very eyes!
  • His whole face was orange with it, like he'd been flayed alive.
18. born alive = urodzony żywy born alive
19. skin alive = skóra żywy skin alive
przysłówek + alive
Kolokacji: 24
barely alive • longer alive • fully alive • truly alive • actually alive • ...
alive + przyimek
Kolokacji: 26
alive after • alive with • alive by • alive in • alive for • ...

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