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friendship rzeczownik

rzeczownik + friendship
Kolokacji: 4
childhood friendship • friendship of several women • friendship of several men • boyhood friendship
friendship + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 14
friendship treaty • Friendship Bridge • friendship group • Friendship Height • Friendship Association • ...
friendship + czasownik
Kolokacji: 37
friendship develops • friendship begins • friendship grows • friendship leads • friendship continues • ...
czasownik + friendship
Kolokacji: 51
make friendships • form a friendship • develop a friendship • renew one's friendship • maintain a friendship • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 12
1. make friendships = marki przyjaźnie make friendships
7. end one's friendship = koniec czyjś przyjaźń end one's friendship
8. cultivate friendships = pielęgnuj przyjaźnie cultivate friendships
11. begin a friendship = zacznij przyjaźń begin a friendship
12. promote friendship = działaj na rzecz przyjaźni promote friendship
  • Started in 1962, these colleges seek to promote international friendship by attracting students from a wide variety of countries.
  • They aim to promote interest and friendship among members.
  • To promote international friendship and respect through youth activities.
  • It aims to promote friendship through social contact at local, national and international level and to be of service to the community.
  • Participated by young people from these countries, the program's objective is to promote friendship and mutual understanding.
  • After his last term as governor, he began speaking in public places (including churches), to promote tolerance and friendship between people of different races.
  • The purpose of the Order is to promote friendship, good will, and social fellowship among its members.
  • One of its main aims is to promote understanding and friendship between the two countries.
  • It had seemed good to promote friendship between the races.
  • Its purpose was to promote friendship and greater understanding between the people of different European cities.
przymiotnik + friendship
Kolokacji: 80
close friendship • lifelong friendship • strong friendship • long friendship • personal friendship • lasting friendship • new friendship • ...
przyimek + friendship
Kolokacji: 19
of friendship • about friendship • for friendship • on friendship • with friendship • ...

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