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"conclusion" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

conclusion rzeczownik

rzeczownik + conclusion
Kolokacji: 11
conclusion of the tour • conclusion of the night • conclusion of one's term • conclusion of one's playoffs • conclusion of one's career • ...
conclusion + czasownik
Kolokacji: 24
conclusion comes • conclusion follows • conclusion reaches • conclusion seems • conclusion suggests • ...
czasownik + conclusion
Kolokacji: 42
draw conclusions • make conclusions • jump to conclusions • agree with one's conclusions • conclusion is based • reach the conclusion • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 11
2. make conclusions = marki zakończenia make conclusions
  • There is insufficient information to date on which to make firm conclusions.
  • "The slices are like looking at 25 or 50 different stocks and trying to make conclusions about the broader market."
  • But another season is needed to make firm conclusions because the study area is so large.
  • I don't think we have enough information to make strong conclusions'.
  • He is forced to make conclusions about people and society that are, at times, unpalatable.
  • In order to make conclusions about relative intensity a great deal of knowledge and care is required.
  • Topics should not lead a person into making false conclusions.
  • The student can investigate what sort of a sample size he needs to be able to make meaningful conclusions.
  • "We all have the same information, and we're just making different conclusions about what the future will hold."
  • Don't make conclusions when you don't have the evidence to do so.
3. jump to conclusions = wyciągnąć pochopne wnioski jump to conclusions
10. take to one's conclusion = zabierać czyjś zakończenie take to one's conclusion
przymiotnik + conclusion
Kolokacji: 161
foregone conclusion • logical conclusion • similar conclusion • different conclusion • successful conclusion • obvious conclusion • ...
przyimek + conclusion
Kolokacji: 18
in conclusion • of one's conclusions • until the conclusion • following the conclusion • at the conclusion • ...

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