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response rzeczownik

rzeczownik + response
Kolokacji: 65
emergency response • GOP response • government response • frequency response • audience response • police response • ...
response + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 23
response rate • response time • response team • response system • response plan • ...
response + czasownik
Kolokacji: 58
response comes • response shows • response includes • response makes • response says • ...
czasownik + response
Kolokacji: 91
provide responses • deliver GOP response • see one's response • hear one's response • consider one's response • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 27
(11) discuss, explore
Kolokacji: 2
1. criticize one's response = krytykować czyjś odpowiedź criticize one's response
4. test one's response = test czyjś odpowiedź test one's response
5. evaluate one's response = oceniać czyjś odpowiedź evaluate one's response
  • These tests evaluate your response to treatment.
  • Regular assessment by a doctor helps evaluate the person's response to medicine, detect new problems, monitor changing symptoms, and provide continuing education to the family.
  • He said he planned to evaluate the company's response to the proposal and to evaluate its Christmas sales.
  • His silence suggested to her that he was evaluating her response.
  • Harriman breathed in slowly, then out slowly, as though evaluating his response before offering it.
  • Then he spoke very slowly, evaluating her response carefully.
  • During the fluid challenge, large amounts of fluids may be administered over a short period of time under close monitoring to evaluate the patient's response.
  • It was as if she were evaluating his response.
  • The commission is planning to hire an independent investigator from outside the city to evaluate the department's response to the riot.
  • A traditional example would be a student being asked a question in class and the instructor evaluating the his response.
6. depend on one's response = polegać czyjś odpowiedź depend on one's response
(13) follow, ensure, watch
Kolokacji: 3
przymiotnik + response
Kolokacji: 475
positive response • immune response • emotional response • immediate response • initial response • appropriate response • ...
przyimek + response
Kolokacji: 20
in response • of response • about one's response • at one's response • by one's response • ...

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