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moment rzeczownik

rzeczownik + moment
Kolokacji: 45
moment of one's life • opening moment • moment of one's career • moment of one's birth • moment of silence • moment of triumph • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 14
2. opening moment = moment otwarcia opening moment
3. moment of one's career = moment z czyjś kariera moment of one's career
4. moment of one's birth = moment z czyjś narodziny moment of one's birth
5. moment of silence = chwila milczenia moment of silence
6. moment of triumph = moment tryumfu moment of triumph
7. moment of truth = egzamin życiowy moment of truth
8. moment of panic = moment paniki moment of panic
9. moment of crisis = moment kryzysu moment of crisis
10. dipole moment = moment dipolowy dipole moment
12. moment of glory = moment chwały moment of glory
14. Kodak moment = Kodak moment Kodak moment
  • No Kodak moment there - though not for lack of trying.
  • Camera raised, I watch through my lens, waiting for the Kodak moment.
  • But the Kodak moments are so that nothing is entrusted to mere memory.
  • We stopped at each for a few Kodak moments.
  • Their last time together was hardly a Kodak moment.
  • He will not turn a competitive environment into a Kodak moment.
  • If it is a warm day, repeated refills can quickly go to one's head, and that's when the Kodak moments begin.
  • "It's making the streets dangerous, and somebody is going to get hit, and that will be a great Kodak moment," she said.
  • After all, half the population of the world has yet to make a phone call or click a single Kodak moment.
  • Who needs a camera for a Kodak moment when you have pharmaceutically moved the developing room inside your head?
moment + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 5
moment magnitude scale • moment magnitude • moment pass • moment Jones • moment arm
moment + czasownik
Kolokacji: 99
moment passes • moment occurs • moment arrives • moment comes • moment goes • moment looking • moment says • ...
czasownik + moment
Kolokacji: 114
study for a moment • regard for a moment • put for the moment • seize the moment • choose this moment • take a moment • ...
przymiotnik + moment
Kolokacji: 419
long moment • brief moment • final moment • critical moment • crucial moment • memorable moment • rare moment • ...
przyimek + moment
Kolokacji: 25
within moments • during moments • that moment • through moments • with moments • ...

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