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political przymiotnik

political + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 1431
political party • political leader • political science • political career • political figure • political power • political system • political issue • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 100
6. political power = siła polityczna, moc polityczna political power
7. political system = ustrój polityczny, system polityczny political system
10. political sectarianism = sekciarstwo polityczne political sectarianism
11. political analyst = analityk sytuacji politycznej political analyst
18. political process = proces polityczny political process
29. political agenda = agenda polityczna political agenda
32. political climate = klimat polityczny political climate
33. political spectrum = spektrum polityczne political spectrum
  • But soon the policy was let down because of political opposition.
  • The first order of business was dealing with the political opposition.
  • The proposed deal got a strong public and political opposition.
  • The political opposition, on the other hand, is not convinced.
  • Their criticism, however, was social in nature and did not take the form of political opposition.
  • I know how very difficult it is to face a political opposition that has money when you have none.
  • Certainly, that is the argument offered by the political opposition.
  • Many sites have not even been proposed because of expected political opposition.
  • There was a great deal of political opposition to the Interim.
  • They come to a state and talk about policy issues without naming the real threat, which is their political opposition.
42. political ally = polityczny sojusznik political ally
44. political landscape = klimat polityczny political landscape
47. political purpose = polityczny cel political purpose
48. political structure = struktura polityczna political structure
49. political arena = arena polityczna political arena
50. political statement = polityczne oświadczenie political statement
57. political battle = polityczna bitwa political battle
60. political ambition = polityczna ambicja political ambition
65. political elite = polityczna elita political elite
67. political tension = napięte stosunki polityczne political tension
71. political capital = polityczny kapitał political capital
72. political institution = polityczna instytucja political institution
73. political connection = polityczny związek political connection
74. political establishment = polityczne utworzenie political establishment
76. political belief = przekonanie polityczne political belief
80. political enemy = przeciwnik polityczny political enemy
85. political solution = polityczne rozwiązanie political solution
86. political gain = polityczny przyrost political gain
87. political advantage = przewaga polityczna political advantage
90. political clout = znaczenie polityczne political clout
92. political wing = polityczne skrzydło political wing
93. political settlement = polityczne porozumienie political settlement
94. political strategy = polityczna strategia political strategy
96. political alliance = polityczne przymierze political alliance
99. political speech = polityczne przemówienie political speech
100. political environment = środowisko polityczne political environment
kolokacje pogrupowane znaczeniowo
Grup znaczeniowych: 250
przysłówek + political
Kolokacji: 17
overtly political • most political • purely political • highly political • intensely political • ...

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