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go czasownik

go + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 42
go up several percent • chance to go • decision to go • desire to go • way to go • place to go • opportunity to go • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 15
1. go up several percent = iść pod górę kilka procent go up several percent
2. way to go = sposób by pójść way to go
3. place to go = miejsce pójść place to go
4. decision to go = decyzja pójść decision to go
  • The decision to go back to work had nothing to do with money, he said, but was based on a better understanding of the situation.
  • Once the decision to go forward is made, the actual car could be available within two years.
  • There was no right or wrong about the decision to go now.
  • He was looking forward to the trip, but the decision to go had not been an easy one to make.
  • Does Brown believe the decision to go to war was right?
  • The decision to go outside isn't simply based on the weather.
  • A decision to go forward with the project is not expected before 2015.
  • "At the time they made the decision to go into the energy area in 1981 and 1982, prices were high," he said.
  • From that point it was my decision to go on alone.
  • I had to make the decision to go after it in a half a second or the play never happens.
5. chance to go = okazja by pójść chance to go
6. desire to go = pragnienie by pójść desire to go
7. opportunity to go = okazja by pójść opportunity to go
8. reason to go = powód pójść reason to go
9. need to go = potrzebuj pójść need to go
10. time to go = czas pójść time to go
11. right to go = prawy pójść right to go
12. week to go = tydzień pójść week to go
13. thing to go = rzecz do pójścia thing to go
14. minute to go = minuta pójść minute to go
15. money to go = pieniądze pójść money to go
czasownik + go
Kolokacji: 198
keep going • let go • start going • stop going • avoid going • consider going • remember going • get going • mean going • begin going • ...
go + przyimek
Kolokacji: 128
go to • go into • go out • go through • go down • go off • go beyond • go along • go up • ...
go + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 515
go further • go away • go ahead • go forward • go straight • go bankrupt • go crazy • go directly • go mad • go unnoticed • go home • ...

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