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"cover" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

cover czasownik

cover + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 404
cover expenses • cover topics • cover politics • cover sports • cover losses • cover fire • cover subjects • cover events • cover parts • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 100
2. cover topics = tematy okładkie cover topics
  • Often produced by average citizens in their homes they cover many interests and topics.
  • Rather, they cover the same or similar units and topics, but in a different way.
  • The programs cover topics such as decision making, managing technology and change management.
  • These standards cover topics of fairness, safety, and animal health.
  • The show covered topics on how things were made or done in the world.
  • Both of these magazines cover similar topics and have the same name, but are unrelated.
  • The letters cover topics such as their writing projects, books they were reading and personal concerns.
  • Among other things, the program covers interesting topics in language and communication.
  • Its newspaper covers various topics, including local community news, politics and sports.
  • Over 100 of his cases have been reported, covering diverse topics.
3. cover politics = polityka okładkia cover politics
5. cover fire = ogień okładki cover fire
6. cover sports = sporty okładkie cover sports
10. cover issues = kwestie okładkie cover issues
11. cover news = wiadomości okładkie cover news
12. cover services = usługi okładkie cover services
13. cover education = edukacja okładkia cover education
14. cover research = badania okładkie cover research
16. cover one's eyes = przykrywać czyjś oczy cover one's eyes
20. cover all uses = obejmij wszystkie wykorzystania cover all uses
21. cover one's tracks = zacierać za sobą ślady cover one's tracks
22. cover effects = efekty okładkie cover effects
23. cover interactions = interakcje okładkie cover interactions
24. cover precautions = środki ostrożności okładkie cover precautions
25. cover one's ears = zakryj sobie uszy cover one's ears
26. cover several percent = przykrywać kilka procent cover several percent
27. cover one's hand = przykrywać czyjś ręka cover one's hand
28. cover several counties = pokryj kilka hrabstw cover several counties
31. cover the half = przykryj połowę cover the half
33. cover one's hair = przykrywać czyjś włosy cover one's hair
34. cover one's nose = przykrywać czyjś nos cover one's nose
35. cover one's back = asekurować się (zwykle przed krytyką) cover one's back
36. cover art = sztuka okładkia cover art
37. cover one's life = przykrywać czyjś życie cover one's life
39. cover one's legs = przykrywać czyjś nogi cover one's legs
40. cover one's needs = przykrywać czyjś potrzeby cover one's needs
42. cover payments = zapłaty okładkie cover payments
43. cover one's debts = przykrywać czyjś długi cover one's debts
46. cover one's arms = przykrywać czyjś ramiona cover one's arms
47. cover several hectares = przykryj kilka hektarów cover several hectares
49. cover damage = uszkodzenie okładkie cover damage
50. cover several yards = przykryj kilka jardów cover several yards
52. cover things = rzeczy okładkie cover things
58. cover material = materiał okładki cover material
59. cover one's chest = przykrywać czyjś klatka piersiowa cover one's chest
60. cover one's work = przykrywać czyjś praca cover one's work
61. cover music = muzyka okładkia cover music
63. cover a variety = przykryj różnorodność cover a variety
64. cover a lot = przykryj dużo cover a lot
65. cover children = dzieci okładkie cover children
72. cover the floor = przykryj podłogę cover the floor
76. cover one's ass = asekurować się (zwykle przed krytyką) cover one's ass
79. cover the whole = przykryj całość cover the whole
80. cover one's bills = przykrywać czyjś rachunki cover one's bills
81. cover versions = nowe wykonania cover versions
82. cover the war = obejmij wojnę cover the war
83. cover care = opieka okładkia cover care
84. cover several kilometres = przykryj kilka kilometrów cover several kilometres
85. cover operations = operacje okładkie cover operations
87. cover crime = przestępstwo okładkie cover crime
89. cover a number = przykryj liczbę cover a number
91. cover matters = sprawy okładkie cover matters
92. cover fees = opłaty okładkie cover fees
96. cover the side = przykryj stronę cover the side
97. cover the rest = przykryj resztę cover the rest
98. cover several blocks = przykryj kilka bloków cover several blocks
100. cover the state = pokryj stan cover the state
czasownik + cover
Kolokacji: 34
help cover • try to cover • extended to cover • expanded to cover • begin covering • used to cover • need to cover • want to cover • ...
cover + przyimek
Kolokacji: 51
covered with • cover up • covered by • covered under • covered in • ...
cover + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 91
completely covered • partially covered • barely cover • entirely covered • partly covered • fully covered • once cover • well covered • ...

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