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suddenly przysłówek

czasownik + suddenly
Kolokacji: 540
die suddenly • suddenly stop • suddenly realize • suddenly feel • suddenly appear • suddenly find • suddenly turn • suddenly remember • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 100
2. suddenly stop = nagle zatrzymaj się suddenly stop
7. suddenly turn = nagle obróć się suddenly turn
9. suddenly seem = nagle wydawaj się suddenly seem
10. suddenly become = nagle stój się suddenly become
18. suddenly filled = nagle napełnić się suddenly filled
26. grin suddenly = uśmiech nagle grin suddenly
27. suddenly look = nagle popatrz suddenly look
29. suddenly stand = nagle stań suddenly stand
30. suddenly come = nagle przyjdź suddenly come
31. smile suddenly = uśmiech nagle smile suddenly
33. suddenly go = nagle pójdź suddenly go
34. laugh suddenly = śmiej się nagle laugh suddenly
37. ask suddenly = zapytaj nagle ask suddenly
  • But I've suddenly got a lot of free time on my hands.
  • The American he's building for has suddenly got cold feet and wants out.
  • She wasn't sure how he had suddenly got so close.
  • I suddenly got the feeling that she didn't want to look at me.
  • I was suddenly getting something I'd needed for a long time and it made me feel very giving with him.
  • But then, in the last few minutes, it suddenly got really rather dark indeed.
  • He let me go then, as if my skin had suddenly gotten hot.
  • So why should I believe that now we've suddenly gotten everything right?
  • "And you have no idea why she suddenly got in touch?"
  • After all, the tax cut didn't suddenly get bigger in the last few months.
43. say suddenly = powiedz nagle say suddenly
45. suddenly know = nagle wiedz suddenly know
46. suddenly wonder = nagle zastanawiaj się suddenly wonder
47. think suddenly = pomyśl nagle think suddenly
54. suddenly cease = nagle zaprzestanie suddenly cease
55. suddenly want = nagle chciej suddenly want
61. suddenly sound = nagle dźwięk suddenly sound
62. suddenly burst = nagle wybuch suddenly burst
63. suddenly leap = nagle skocz suddenly leap
65. suddenly recall = nagle przypomnij sobie suddenly recall
67. suddenly snap = nagle pośpieszny suddenly snap
69. suddenly hit = nagle uderz suddenly hit
71. suddenly shout = nagle wykrzyknij suddenly shout
74. happen suddenly = zdarz się nagle happen suddenly
76. suddenly flash = nagle błysk suddenly flash
78. halt suddenly = zatrzymaj się nagle halt suddenly
79. suddenly confronted = nagle stanąć twarzą w twarz suddenly confronted
80. speak suddenly = mów nagle speak suddenly
81. suddenly run = nagle pobiec suddenly run
83. look up suddenly = popatrz w górę nagle look up suddenly
84. suddenly step = nagle krok suddenly step
87. suddenly quit = nagle zrezygnuj suddenly quit
88. sit suddenly = usiądź nagle sit suddenly
90. suddenly lift = nagle podnieś się suddenly lift
92. suddenly lean = nagle szczupły suddenly lean
94. suddenly wish = nagle chciej suddenly wish
97. suddenly thrust = nagle przepchać się suddenly thrust
98. suddenly loom = nagle wyłoń się suddenly loom
suddenly + przymiotnik
Kolokacji: 88
suddenly aware • suddenly afraid • suddenly dry • suddenly cold • suddenly angry • ...

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