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"prize" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

prize rzeczownik

rzeczownik + prize
Kolokacji: 100
Nobel Prize • Pulitzer Prize • cash prize • Booker Prize • Jury Prize • consolation prize • Turner Prize • Nobel Peace Prize • Israel Prize • ...
prize + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 49
prize money • prize winner • prize fund • Nobel Prize winner • Pulitzer Prize winner • prize crew • ...
prize + czasownik
Kolokacji: 17
prize includes • prize goes • Pulitzer Prize winning • prize awards • prize consists • ...
czasownik + prize
Kolokacji: 30
nominate for the Nobel Prize • shortlist for the Booker Prize • compete for prizes • win the prize • prize is given • capture prizes • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 13
3. share the Nobel Prize = otrzymaj nagrodę Nobla wspólnie share the Nobel Prize
4. award with the prize = nagroda z nagrodą award with the prize
5. prize donated = nagroda ofiarowała prize donated
6. prize is presented = nagroda zostanie zaprezentowana prize is presented
7. provide prizes = dostarcz nagrody provide prizes
  • Burnham provided prizes and appeared in store windows from one end of Arizona to the other.
  • Local and national companies support by providing prizes.
  • Every month, they would provide prizes for the best "Assault on the Media".
  • The sponsors played a major role in the series by providing prizes and integrating their products into various tasks.
  • It provided prizes, exhibits, demonstrations, and food (including portions of rattlesnakes).
  • They have original music, scripts and provide prizes to the winners.
  • If you provide non-cash prizes, this is the actual cost to you of the prize.
  • Burnham provided prizes and appeared in store windows across Arizona.
  • Many contests are held for readers, as well, sponsored by a variety of reptile product manufacturers who provide prizes.
  • It was not until 2006, when Courts began providing monetary prizes, that the tournament had its first sponsor.
8. prize is given out = nagroda jest rozdana prize is given out
9. prize is handed out = nagroda jest rozdana prize is handed out
przymiotnik + prize
Kolokacji: 56
top prize • grand prize • big prize • literary prize • annual prize • special prize • prestigious prize • large prize • major prize • ...
przyimek + prize
Kolokacji: 9
in prizes • with prizes • on the prize • for the prize • to the prize • ...

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