"coordinator" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

coordinator rzeczownik

rzeczownik + coordinator
Kolokacji: 61
program coordinator • project coordinator • events coordinator • parent coordinator • production coordinator • ...
czasownik + coordinator
Kolokacji: 9
serve as coordinator • name coordinator • hire as coordinator • appoint coordinator • pitch coordinator • ...
przymiotnik + coordinator
Kolokacji: 28
offensive coordinator • defensive coordinator • new coordinator • national coordinator • regional coordinator • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 5
(2) new, current, technical
Kolokacji: 3
1. regional coordinator = regionalny koordynator regional coordinator
2. administrative coordinator = administracyjny koordynator administrative coordinator
3. clinical coordinator = kliniczny koordynator clinical coordinator
  • "If you think of things made by homeless women, you think of potholders," said Susan Feldman, the village's founder and clinical coordinator.
  • "She was 25 years ahead of her time with the idea of deinstitutionalization," said the center's clinical coordinator, Kenneth Aigen.
  • Ms. Shaunesey is clinical coordinator for disturbed children at a hospital in Connecticut.
  • Take him," she told Jodee Tolomeo, the clinical coordinator for the medical foster boarding home program at the Children's Aid Society.
  • Ms. Greenburg, 32 years old, is the clinical coordinator of residential services at the Walker School in Needham, Mass.
  • "They are essentially almost therapy assistants," Ed Rudder, the program's clinical coordinator, says in the documentary.
  • Her mother retired as the clinical coordinator for the pacemaker clinic at Morristown Memorial Hospital in New Jersey.
  • Jane Thomson is a clinical coordinator at the Vietnam Veterans Center in New Haven.
  • The group consisted of a managing supervisor, clinical coordinators with a nursing or clinical research background, administrative assistants, cardiology fellows, and cardiology faculty members.
  • In addition he is co-investigator, surgical coordinator or clinical surgical coordinator on an additional 15 research studies.
4. legislative coordinator = ustawodawczy koordynator legislative coordinator
5. full-time coordinator = koordynator na pełnym etacie full-time coordinator
6. humanitarian coordinator = koordynator humanitarysty humanitarian coordinator
7. academic coordinator = naukowy koordynator academic coordinator
8. environmental coordinator = środowiskowy koordynator environmental coordinator
9. tactical coordinator = taktyczny koordynator tactical coordinator
10. on-scene coordinator = koordynator na-scena on-scene coordinator
(5) special, senior, first-year
Kolokacji: 3
przyimek + coordinator
Kolokacji: 3
of coordinator • to coordinator • for one's coordinator

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