"coordinator" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

coordinator rzeczownik

rzeczownik + coordinator
Kolokacji: 61
program coordinator • project coordinator • events coordinator • parent coordinator • production coordinator • ...
czasownik + coordinator
Kolokacji: 9
serve as coordinator • name coordinator • hire as coordinator • appoint coordinator • pitch coordinator • ...
przymiotnik + coordinator
Kolokacji: 28
offensive coordinator • defensive coordinator • new coordinator • national coordinator • regional coordinator • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 5
(2) new, current, technical
Kolokacji: 3
1. regional coordinator = regionalny koordynator regional coordinator
2. administrative coordinator = administracyjny koordynator administrative coordinator
3. clinical coordinator = kliniczny koordynator clinical coordinator
4. legislative coordinator = ustawodawczy koordynator legislative coordinator
5. full-time coordinator = koordynator na pełnym etacie full-time coordinator
6. humanitarian coordinator = koordynator humanitarysty humanitarian coordinator
7. academic coordinator = naukowy koordynator academic coordinator
8. environmental coordinator = środowiskowy koordynator environmental coordinator
9. tactical coordinator = taktyczny koordynator tactical coordinator
  • The undercover agent, Robert Rodriguez, frantically left the compound and reported to the operation's tactical coordinator that the element of surprise had been lost.
  • Her tactical coordinator stuttered over the secure channel, "You're th-thirty seconds slow.
  • They are often directed by a tactical coordinator (tacco) and range in number from three to nine or more.
  • But his orders were to maintain position, to be a tactical coordinator for the fleet's swifter combatants.
  • "Flight," the tactical coordinator reported back thirty seconds later.
  • "Roger, confirm that," the tactical coordinator on Bluebird-Three agreed.
  • The Orion's tactical coordinator agreed, forcing himself to relax and take the time needed.
  • Control of the operation now passed exclusively to the tactical coordinator on the Orion.
  • The helo was closer, and its pilot was communicating with the tactical coordinator of the Orion.
  • Have to return to the barn," the Orion's tactical coordinator reported, stretching after ten hours at his control console.
10. on-scene coordinator = koordynator na-scena on-scene coordinator
(5) special, senior, first-year
Kolokacji: 3
przyimek + coordinator
Kolokacji: 3
of coordinator • to coordinator • for one's coordinator

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