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begin czasownik

begin + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 344
begin negotiations • begin operations • begin construction • begin preparations • begin proceedings • begin hearings • begin publication • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 100
3. begin negotiations = rozpocząć negocjacje begin negotiations
6. begin publication = zacznij publikację begin publication
7. begin proceedings = zacznij przebieg wydarzeń begin proceedings
8. begin hearings = zacznij słuchy begin hearings
9. begin play = zacznij grę begin play
10. begin talks = zacznij rozmowy begin talks
11. begin production = zacznij produkcję begin production
13. begin performances = zacznij wykonania begin performances
14. begin previews = zacznij zapowiedzi begin previews
17. begin classes = zacznij klasy begin classes
18. begin treatment = zacznij traktowanie begin treatment
21. begin trials = zacznij rozprawy begin trials
23. begin plans = zacznij plany begin plans
27. begin one's training = zaczynać czyjś szkolenie begin one's training
29. begin one's run = zaczynać czyjś bieg begin one's run
32. begin blackout = zacznij zaciemnienie begin blackout
33. begin one's term = zaczynać czyjś termin begin one's term
34. begin one's education = zaczynać czyjś edukacja begin one's education
35. begin one's trip = zaczynać czyjś podróż begin one's trip
36. begin one's story = zaczynać czyjś historia begin one's story
37. begin one's job = zaczynać czyjś praca begin one's job
38. begin school = zacznij szkołę begin school
39. begin one's assault = zaczynać czyjś napaść begin one's assault
40. begin one's ascent = zaczynać czyjś unoszenie się begin one's ascent
41. begin one's tenure = zaczynać czyjś urzędowanie begin one's tenure
42. begin one's quest = zaczynać czyjś poszukiwanie begin one's quest
43. begin debate = zapoczątkuj debatę begin debate
47. begin songs = zacznij piosenki begin songs
48. begin one's book = zaczynać czyjś książka begin one's book
49. begin one's mission = zaczynać czyjś misja begin one's mission
50. begin one's duties = zaczynać czyjś obowiązki begin one's duties
54. begin time = zacznij czas begin time
57. begin piano lessons = zacznij lekcje fortepianu begin piano lessons
58. begin one's voyage = zaczynać czyjś podróż morska begin one's voyage
59. begin a feud = zacznij zatarg begin a feud
60. begin one's speech = zaczynać czyjś przemówienie begin one's speech
61. begin one's reign = zaczynać czyjś panowanie begin one's reign
62. begin firing = zacznij wystrzelać begin firing
63. begin one's ministry = zaczynać czyjś ministerstwo begin one's ministry
64. begin action = zacznij działanie begin action
68. begin one's rise = zaczynać czyjś wzrost begin one's rise
69. begin rehearsals = zacznij próby begin rehearsals
74. place to begin = miejsce zacząć place to begin
80. way to begin = sposób by zacząć way to begin
81. begin one's advance = zaczynać czyjś postęp begin one's advance
82. begin one's trek = zaczynać czyjś wędrówka begin one's trek
87. begin a tour = zacznij wycieczkę begin a tour
  • By 2004 enough had been raised to begin the project.
  • A woman change master at a computer company began an important project this way.
  • In 1905, he began his last project, to create a scientific farm.
  • The space agency hopes to begin the project with money in the 1994 budget.
  • The district began its first project in 1998 funded by a 0.25 percent sales tax.
  • "You have to know exactly how big the room is," Tony had explained when he began the project.
  • In 2006-2007 the school began a project to highlight teacher's educational process.
  • The students wondered what the home would be like if they pleased no one but themselves as women and began the project.
  • Before beginning the project, the company is required to do an assessment of the environmental damage that would be done to the area.
  • Some say they are angry because the decision to begin such a huge project was made without public consultation.
94. time to begin = czas zacząć time to begin
96. begin the day = rozpocznij dzień begin the day
98. begin patrols = zacznij patrole begin patrols
99. begin restoration = zacznij zwrot begin restoration
100. begin a drive = zacznij drogę dojazdową begin a drive
czasownik + begin
Kolokacji: 51
begin before moving • begin before joining • scheduled to begin • plan to begin • expected to begin • begin by saying • hope to begin • ...
begin + przyimek
Kolokacji: 68
begin following • begin with • begin until • begin at • begin by • ...
begin + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 146
immediately begin • slowly begin • begin early • officially begin • begin shortly • gradually begin • barely begun • begin anew • ...

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