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"promptly" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

promptly przysłówek

czasownik + promptly
Kolokacji: 212
say promptly • promptly go • answer promptly • respond promptly • promptly begin • reply promptly • promptly return • promptly fall • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 22
1. say promptly = powiedz natychmiast say promptly
2. promptly go = natychmiast pójdź promptly go
5. promptly begin = natychmiast zacznij promptly begin
6. reply promptly = odpowiedz natychmiast reply promptly
8. promptly fall = natychmiast spadnij promptly fall
10. act promptly = działaj natychmiast act promptly
11. promptly arrested = natychmiast zaaresztować promptly arrested
12. come promptly = przyjdź natychmiast come promptly
13. arrive promptly = przybądź natychmiast arrive promptly
14. promptly leave = natychmiast wyjdź promptly leave
16. promptly move = natychmiast rusz się promptly move
18. promptly make = natychmiast zrób promptly make
20. promptly send = natychmiast wyślij promptly send
  • I told him the amount and he promptly sent me a check.
  • In order to appeal a denial, promptly send a letter to the agency.
  • Presents are not generally given; if, however, someone does bring a gift, be sure to promptly send a thank you card.
  • He promptly sent away for the catalogue and ordered some tricks.
  • At the very next class he attends, you will promptly send him away.
  • The owners promptly sent Johnson on a sabbatical from which he never really returned.
  • Letters of thanks for any gift are traditionally sent promptly after the gift's receipt.
  • Byrne promptly sent it to the B-52's' manager who offered to represent them internationally.
  • His request was denied in July 1999 and he was sent promptly to prison.
  • Instead, the puck went Turgeon's way, and he promptly sent it to the back of the net.
21. pay promptly = zapłacić natychmiast pay promptly
22. promptly lose = natychmiast przegraj promptly lose

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