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"prize" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

prize rzeczownik

rzeczownik + prize
Kolokacji: 100
Nobel Prize • Pulitzer Prize • cash prize • Booker Prize • Jury Prize • consolation prize • Turner Prize • Nobel Peace Prize • Israel Prize • ...
prize + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 49
prize money • prize winner • prize fund • Nobel Prize winner • Pulitzer Prize winner • prize crew • ...
prize + czasownik
Kolokacji: 17
prize includes • prize goes • Pulitzer Prize winning • prize awards • prize consists • ...
czasownik + prize
Kolokacji: 30
nominate for the Nobel Prize • shortlist for the Booker Prize • compete for prizes • win the prize • prize is given • capture prizes • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 13
1. shortlist for the Booker Prize = lista finalistów dla Nagrody Bookera shortlist for the Booker Prize
2. compete for prizes = rywalizuj nagrody compete for prizes
4. keep on the prize = trzymaj na nagrodzie keep on the prize
5. lose the prize = zgub nagrodę lose the prize
6. prize sought = nagroda szukała prize sought
  • Ms. Sale said that a work permit was a prize sought by fraudulent asylum-seekers and that delaying the permit would deter the fraud.
  • The largest vacant site left in New York City, it is a prize sought by some of the city's largest developers, as well as by a nonprofit group advocating working-class housing.
  • The heart device division, based in Minneapolis, was also the prize sought by Johnson & Johnson; in 2004, the division accounted for about half of Guidant's $3.8 billion in sales.
  • The factionalism has reached its most dangerous proportions in the capital of the north, Mazar-i-Sharif, the main prize sought by Generals Dostum and Muhammad.
  • Getting 1988 as the last digits of telephone numbers was a prize sought by almost every campaign office setting up headquarters in Washington.
  • Despite its relatively modern origin, Tokmak stands in the middle of the Chuy Valley, which was a prize sought by many medieval conquerors.
  • Those four digits were the prize sought by almost every campaign office setting up quarters in Washington.
  • Since time immemorial, Cyprus has been a prize sought by contesting nations, empires and religions.
  • It is a prize sought by many entrepreneurs despite the obstacles involved in creating uniform standards to link a host of consumer electronics.
  • The rhinos' horns are a valuable prize, sought after in Asia for their medicinal value, and in the Middle East, where they are carved into dagger handles.
7. come with a prize = przyjdź z nagrodą come with a prize
przymiotnik + prize
Kolokacji: 56
top prize • grand prize • big prize • literary prize • annual prize • special prize • prestigious prize • large prize • major prize • ...
przyimek + prize
Kolokacji: 9
in prizes • with prizes • on the prize • for the prize • to the prize • ...

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