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"eventually" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

eventually przysłówek

czasownik + eventually
Kolokacji: 763
eventually lead • eventually become • eventually win • eventually move • eventually reach • eventually return • eventually settle • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 100
1. eventually lead = ostatecznie zaprowadź eventually lead
2. eventually find = ostatecznie znajdź eventually find
3. eventually become = ostatecznie stój się eventually become
4. eventually win = ostatecznie wygraj eventually win
5. eventually move = ostatecznie rusz się eventually move
8. eventually lose = ostatecznie przegraj eventually lose
9. eventually settle = ostatecznie uspokój się eventually settle
12. eventually sell = ostatecznie sprzedaj eventually sell
17. eventually die = ostatecznie umrzyj eventually die
18. eventually result = ostatecznie wynik eventually result
19. eventually agree = ostatecznie zgódź się eventually agree
21. eventually grow = ostatecznie urośnij eventually grow
30. eventually rise = ostatecznie wzrost eventually rise
31. eventually marry = ostatecznie weź ślub eventually marry
33. eventually cause = ostatecznie spowoduj eventually cause
35. eventually evolve = ostatecznie rozwiń eventually evolve
40. eventually gain = ostatecznie zyskaj eventually gain
41. eventually earn = ostatecznie zarób eventually earn
48. eventually emerge = ostatecznie pojaw się eventually emerge
49. eventually come = ostatecznie przyjdź eventually come
50. eventually turn = ostatecznie obróć się eventually turn
53. eventually arrive = ostatecznie przybądź eventually arrive
56. eventually manage = ostatecznie zarządzaj eventually manage
60. eventually retire = ostatecznie przejdź na emeryturę eventually retire
61. eventually get = ostatecznie dostań eventually get
67. eventually run = ostatecznie pobiec eventually run
68. eventually stop = ostatecznie zatrzymaj się eventually stop
  • The couple wanted to save money so they could eventually buy a place.
  • Both men believe the firm will eventually buy a company that he can run.
  • The town eventually bought the entire property, and, in 1982, the park was opened to the public.
  • He eventually bought the property and lived there for 33 years.
  • The private company which eventually bought the building immediately sold it for $1.25 million.
  • After the success of the game, they eventually bought him a couch to pass out on.
  • They wanted to save enough to rent an apartment and eventually buy one.
  • She and another woman working there eventually bought the shop from the owner.
  • The baby in a family of five siblings, she eventually bought a house and lived there with her mother, who is 75.
  • He fell in love with the owner's daughter; they married, and eventually bought the house from her parents.
71. eventually sent = ostatecznie wysłać eventually sent
74. eventually go = ostatecznie pójdź eventually go
76. eventually begin = ostatecznie zacznij eventually begin
79. eventually start = ostatecznie zacznij eventually start
80. eventually meet = ostatecznie spotkaj eventually meet
81. eventually serve = ostatecznie służ eventually serve
82. eventually work = ostatecznie praca eventually work
83. eventually help = ostatecznie pomóż eventually help
92. eventually see = ostatecznie zobacz eventually see
93. eventually pay = ostatecznie zapłać eventually pay
94. eventually escape = ostatecznie ucieknij eventually escape
95. eventually appear = ostatecznie pojaw się eventually appear
98. eventually enter = ostatecznie wejdź eventually enter
99. eventually land = ostatecznie ziemia eventually land
100. eventually put = ostatecznie połóż eventually put
kolokacje pogrupowane znaczeniowo
Grup znaczeniowych: 102
eventually + przymiotnik
Kolokacji: 5
eventually able • eventually successful • eventually married • eventually victorious • eventually fatal

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