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"chest" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

chest rzeczownik

rzeczownik + chest
Kolokacji: 29
war chest • treasure chest • chest of drawers • barrel chest • medicine chest • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 6
1. war chest = fundusze na wojnę war chest
  • "It was like finding a treasure chest or something from the past that you wanted to open."
  • In another, it was done with a wall, some steps, and a treasure chest.
  • "I take it that you have not yet learned the location of the treasure chest?"
  • "He buried his treasure chest under one of those trees."
  • The show is a treasure chest of images that seem to have emerged on their own.
  • "I am told that Africa is the world's treasure chest."
  • He wondered how his new friend could have learned about the false treasure chest.
  • Each stage in the game contains one or more treasure chest, which hold various items.
  • However, sometimes these treasure chests can contain nothing at all.
  • In a room, they find a treasure chest with booty.
4. barrel chest = beczkowata klatka piersiowa (okrągła, szeroka, odstająca) barrel chest
5. medicine chest = apteczka (półka na lekarstwa, np. w łazience) medicine chest
6. ice chest = lód klatka piersiowa ice chest
chest + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 42
chest pain • chest X-ray • chest cavity • chest wall • chest hair • chest wound • chest muscle • ...
chest + czasownik
Kolokacji: 38
chest heaves • chest falls • chest rises • chest feels • chest tightens • ...
czasownik + chest
Kolokacji: 152
fold across one's chest • cross over one's chest • clutch to one's chest • feel in one's chest • press against one's chest • ...
przymiotnik + chest
Kolokacji: 62
bare chest • broad chest • upper chest • wooden chest • small chest • large chest • massive chest • ...
przyimek + chest
Kolokacji: 34
on one's chest • to one's chest • of one's chest • across one's chest • against one's chest • ...

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