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share czasownik

share + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 327
share information • share ideas • share responsibility • share tips • share resources • share power • share space • share stories • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 100
3. share ideas = dzielić się pomysłami share ideas
7. share tips = wskazówki akcyjne share tips
10. share duties = obowiązki akcyjne share duties
12. share features = cechy akcyjne share features
13. share food = jedzenie akcyjne share food
14. share items = rzeczy akcyjne share items
16. share traits = cechy akcyjne share traits
20. share one's name = dzielić czyjś imię share one's name
25. share one's love = dzielić czyjś miłość share one's love
29. share one's vision = dzielić czyjś wizja share one's vision
36. share one's values = dzielić czyjś wartości share one's values
37. share place = miejsce akcyjne share place
38. share credit = kredyt akcyjny share credit
40. share part = część akcyjna share part
41. share facilities = obiekty akcyjne share facilities
42. share sites = miejsca akcyjne share sites
43. share one's expertise = dzielić czyjś biegłość share one's expertise
44. share one's work = dzielić czyjś praca share one's work
45. share needles = igły akcyjne share needles
46. share things = rzeczy akcyjne share things
47. share files = akta akcyjne share files
48. share one's joy = dzielić czyjś radość share one's joy
50. share details = szczegóły akcyjne share details
52. share revenue = przychód akcyjny share revenue
56. share an ancestor = podziel przodka share an ancestor
58. share one's sentiments = dzielić czyjś sentymenty share one's sentiments
60. share one's faith = dzielić czyjś wiara share one's faith
63. share the burden = dziel ciężar share the burden
64. share intelligence = inteligencja akcyjna share intelligence
65. share one's taste = dzielić czyjś smak share one's taste
75. share the lead = prowadź wspólnie share the lead
76. share photos = zdjęcia akcyjne share photos
77. share a house = mieszkaj pod jednym dachem share a house
79. share one's desire = dzielić czyjś ochota share one's desire
80. share properties = własności akcyjne share properties
81. share system = system akcyjny share system
83. share one's grief = dzielić czyjś żal share one's grief
87. share the bill = dziel rachunek share the bill
89. share posts = poczty akcyjne share posts
  • Its leaders said that they had agreed to share committee positions and other posts with smaller parties, but it is not clear how they will be distributed.
  • Governance in the norm is by majority rule, however, Northern Ireland uses a system of power sharing whereby unionists and nationalists share executive posts proportionately and where the assent of both groups are required for the Northern Ireland Assembly to make certain decisions.
  • Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.
  • In October, Martell launched Spottd - a location based social network allowing users to share and discover posts around them.
  • Sharing posts with friends, fellow hobbyists or potential dates, a user could be forgiven for overlooking the possibility that a human resources executive might be zeroing in as well.
  • We can't share posts with individual people.
  • It details 10 new government departments, with Protestants and Catholics sharing top posts equally.
90. share content = zawartość akcyjna share content
91. share elements = elementy akcyjne share elements
93. share the list = dziel lista share the list
96. share one's body = dzielić czyjś ciało share one's body
97. share practices = praktyki akcyjne share practices
99. share ground = ziemia akcyjna share ground
100. share one's philosophy = dzielić czyjś filozofia share one's philosophy
czasownik + share
Kolokacji: 43
want to share • begin sharing • invite to share • agree to share • seem to share • like to share • allow to share • ...
share + przyimek
Kolokacji: 38
share out • share with • shared by • shared among • shared between • ...
share + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 59
shared equally • widely shared • once share • freely share • share together • ...

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