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"finally" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

finally przysłówek

czasownik + finally
Kolokacji: 665
finally get • finally find • finally decide • finally reach • finally arrive • finally settle • finally agree • finally released • finally break • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 100
2. finally come = w końcu przyjdź finally come
  • His life was finally coming together the way he wanted.
  • After three weeks, she finally comes to terms with what has happened.
  • I thought he had finally come around to my way of thinking.
  • The general finally came to his feet before the table.
  • But, after thinking long and hard, he finally came to a decision.
  • The working part of the night finally came to an end.
  • She wasn't sure when he had finally come to bed last night.
  • Then the rest of the world finally came into focus.
  • He didn't say anything even when security finally came and took him away.
  • Like she'd finally come home after a long time away.
3. finally find = w końcu znajdź finally find
6. finally arrive = w końcu przybądź finally arrive
7. finally settle = w końcu uspokój się finally settle
8. finally agree = w końcu zgódź się finally agree
11. finally manage = w końcu zarządzaj finally manage
13. finally end = w końcu koniec finally end
14. finally win = w końcu wygraj finally win
16. finally stop = w końcu zatrzymaj się finally stop
17. finally meet = w końcu spotkaj finally meet
18. finally open = w końcu otwarty finally open
19. finally accept = w końcu zaakceptuj finally accept
20. finally fall = w końcu spadnij finally fall
21. finally admit = w końcu przyznaj się/przyznawać się finally admit
22. finally succeed = w końcu osiągnij cel finally succeed
24. finally emerge = w końcu pojaw się finally emerge
26. finally retire = w końcu przejdź na emeryturę finally retire
31. finally pull = w końcu pociągnij finally pull
32. finally approved = w końcu zatwierdzić finally approved
36. finally begin = w końcu zacznij finally begin
40. finally turn = w końcu obróć się finally turn
42. finally bring = w końcu przynieś finally bring
45. finally learn = w końcu naucz się finally learn
48. finally gain = w końcu zyskaj finally gain
52. finally leave = w końcu wyjdź finally leave
53. finally move = w końcu rusz się finally move
54. finally ask = w końcu zapytaj finally ask
57. finally appear = w końcu pojaw się finally appear
59. finally hit = w końcu uderz finally hit
61. finally make = w końcu zrób finally make
64. finally die = w końcu umrzyj finally die
65. finally sell = w końcu sprzedaj finally sell
67. finally join = w końcu dołącz finally join
68. finally become = w końcu stój się finally become
70. finally show = w końcu pokaż finally show
72. finally drop = w końcu upuść finally drop
73. finally go = w końcu pójdź finally go
74. finally put = w końcu połóż finally put
75. finally tell = w końcu powiedz finally tell
76. finally lose = w końcu przegraj finally lose
77. finally lead = w końcu zaprowadź finally lead
78. finally feel = w końcu poczuj finally feel
80. finally look = w końcu popatrz finally look
81. finally seem = w końcu wydawaj się finally seem
82. finally run = w końcu pobiec finally run
84. finally happen = w końcu zdarz się finally happen
85. finally see = w końcu zobacz finally see
86. finally let = w końcu pozwól finally let
87. finally call = w końcu zadzwoń finally call
88. say finally = powiedz w końcu say finally
93. finally send = w końcu wyślij finally send
95. finally hear = w końcu słysz finally hear
96. finally granted = w końcu przyznać finally granted
97. finally set = w końcu umieść finally set
100. finally land = w końcu ziemia finally land
finally + przymiotnik
Kolokacji: 9
finally able • finally ready • finally free • finally successful • finally convinced • ...

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