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drop czasownik

drop + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 175
drop bombs • drop anchor • drop hints • drop plans • drop several percent • drop one's hand • drop several points • drop one's weapon • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 55
2. drop anchor = spuścić kotwicę drop anchor
  • She dropped anchor to avoid running over her men in the water.
  • "We want them to drop anchor with us five or more years."
  • "Should we drop anchor and wait for the storm to clear?"
  • Everybody just hang cool or whatever while I drop anchor.
  • But the weather was so bad that he decided to drop anchor.
  • Then we dropped anchor in about four feet of water.
  • When I give the word, stop all engines and drop anchor.
  • Every night it is easy to find a place along the bank to drop anchor.
  • We were out there half an hour after the ship dropped anchor.
  • We'd actually had the sense to drop anchor, because we weren't happy about being that close in.
3. drop hints = aluzje kropli drop hints
6. drop one's hand = upuszczać czyjś ręka drop one's hand
9. drop one's head = paść głową (np. na poduszkę) drop one's head
10. drop one's eyes = upuszczać czyjś oczy drop one's eyes
11. drop one's arm = upuszczać czyjś ramię drop one's arm
12. drop one's name = upuszczać czyjś imię drop one's name
15. drop one's sword = upuszczać czyjś miecz drop one's sword
16. drop the word bitch = wysadź sukę słowa drop the word bitch
19. drop one's opposition = upuszczać czyjś sprzeciw drop one's opposition
21. drop several cents = obniż kilka centów drop several cents
22. drop leaflets = ulotki kropli drop leaflets
24. drop the ball = schrzanić, spieprzyć, spartaczyć, zawalić drop the ball
26. drop one's guard = przestać się pilnować, pofolgować sobie drop one's guard
30. decision to drop = decyzja upuścić decision to drop
32. drop a pass = opuść ocenę dostateczną drop a pass
33. drop the case = wysadź przypadek drop the case
34. drop rocks = kamienie kropli drop rocks
35. drop one's claim = upuszczać czyjś twierdzenie drop one's claim
37. drop a decision = rzuć decyzję drop a decision
38. drop one's rifle = upuszczać czyjś strzelba drop one's rifle
39. drop supplies = zaopatrzenie kropli drop supplies
40. drop one's load = upuszczać czyjś ładunek drop one's load
41. drop several tons = upuść kilka ton drop several tons
42. drop one's investigation = upuszczać czyjś śledztwo drop one's investigation
43. drop one's cigarette = upuszczać czyjś papieros drop one's cigarette
44. drop one's objections = upuszczać czyjś sprzeciwy drop one's objections
45. drop coverage = sprawozdanie kropli drop coverage
46. drop one's bid = upuszczać czyjś oferta drop one's bid
47. drop the subject = zarzucić omawiany temat, zejść z tematu drop the subject
48. drop one's shields = upuszczać czyjś tarcze drop one's shields
49. drop one's pants = upuszczać czyjś spodnie drop one's pants
50. drop one's weight = upuszczać czyjś waga drop one's weight
51. drop a coin = obniż monetę drop a coin
52. drop one's gloves = upuszczać czyjś rękawiczki drop one's gloves
53. drop one's appeal = upuszczać czyjś apel drop one's appeal
54. drop one's bow = upuszczać czyjś łuk drop one's bow
55. drop one's leaves = upuszczać czyjś liście drop one's leaves
czasownik + drop
Kolokacji: 33
cause to drop • begin dropping • keep dropping • start dropping • decide to drop • forced to drop • continue to drop • expected to drop • ...
drop + przyimek
Kolokacji: 73
drop off • drop out • drop into • drop down • drop below • drop onto • drop back • ...
drop + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 137
drop sharply • drop dead • drop open • eventually dropped • suddenly drop • drop significantly • drop low • drop dramatically • ...

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