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"discuss" po angielsku z przykładami - Słownik kolokacji angielskich

discuss czasownik

discuss + rzeczownik
Kolokacji: 286
discuss issues • discuss details • discuss topics • discuss options • discuss strategy • discuss politics • discuss aspects • discuss ways • ...
częste kolokacje
Kolokacji: 86
  • With these changes, the show was usually first in line to discuss topics that were often kept out of the public eye.
  • Over the next few months, we discussed possible topics for each episode.
  • Women, like men, may find it difficult to discuss embarrassing topics.
  • Students meet in Advisory groups to discuss topics that matter to them, like study skills and social issues.
  • At the conference participants discuss topics and experience a broad cultural range.
  • Live programs were also an opportunity for participants to discuss various topics and answering very personal questions sometimes lead.
  • They had been discussing topics that appealed to both of them.
  • They often discussed topics of mutual interest including school affairs.
  • He used to discuss various topics with his teachers before arriving to any conclusion.
  • He did readily discuss other topics at yesterday's news conference.
6. discuss aspects = omów aspekty discuss aspects
7. discuss politics = omów politykę discuss politics
8. discuss ways = przedyskutuj sposoby discuss ways
9. discuss things = podyskutuj sobie discuss things
10. discuss changes = omów zmiany discuss changes
14. discuss specifics = omów szczegóły discuss specifics
15. discuss benefits = omów korzyści discuss benefits
17. discuss one's work = dyskutować czyjś praca discuss one's work
19. discuss one's book = dyskutować czyjś książka discuss one's book
23. discuss one's views = dyskutować czyjś widoki discuss one's views
25. discuss one's decision = dyskutować czyjś decyzja discuss one's decision
28. discuss types = omów typy discuss types
29. discuss one's findings = dyskutować czyjś orzeczenia discuss one's findings
30. meeting to discuss = spotykając dyskutować meeting to discuss
32. discuss trials = omów rozprawy discuss trials
40. discuss philosophy = omów filozofię discuss philosophy
46. discuss methods = omów metody discuss methods
49. discuss points = omów punkty discuss points
51. discuss one's career = dyskutować czyjś kariera discuss one's career
54. discuss relations = omów stosunki discuss relations
58. discuss art = omów sztukę discuss art
62. discuss one's position = dyskutować czyjś pozycja discuss one's position
64. discuss one's death = dyskutować czyjś śmierć discuss one's death
65. discuss music = omów muzykę discuss music
66. discuss solutions = omów rozwiązania discuss solutions
68. discuss one's marriage = dyskutować czyjś małżeństwo discuss one's marriage
70. discuss religion = omów religię discuss religion
71. discuss tactics = omów taktyki discuss tactics
72. discuss one's efforts = dyskutować czyjś wysiłki discuss one's efforts
74. discuss one's time = dyskutować czyjś czas discuss one's time
75. discuss one's move = dyskutować czyjś ruch discuss one's move
76. discuss themes = omów tematy discuss themes
78. discuss cooperation = omów współpracę discuss cooperation
80. discuss alternatives = omów alternatywy discuss alternatives
82. discuss steps = omów kroki discuss steps
83. discuss sex = omów seks discuss sex
86. discuss rights = omów prawa discuss rights
czasownik + discuss
Kolokacji: 51
begin discussing • decline to discuss • refuse to discuss • meet to discuss • gather to discuss • wish to discuss • want to discuss • ...
discuss + przyimek
Kolokacji: 35
discuss with • discuss among • discuss by • discuss during • discuss in • ...
discuss + przymiotnik/przysłówek
Kolokacji: 66
openly discuss • widely discussed • publicly discuss • discussed later • further discuss • discussed earlier • ...

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